FOGG Letter to the Port Commission

FOGG sent a letter to the San Francisco Port Commission, following up the informational presentation on April 11, 2006 by Simon Snellgrove, the developer. Here is the letter sent, April 17, 2006.

Dear President Lazarus and Members of the Commission:

This letter reaffirms the Friends of Golden Gateway’s (FOGG) stance on maintaining the open recreational space known as the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club, and the need for its continued use as originally planned. The proposed development known as 8 Washington will significantly change for the worse our neighborhood, and we believe it is not in the best interest of the San Francisco waterfront. FOGG has over 800 members. Members of the Telegraph Hill Dwellers and Barbary Coast Neighborhood Assoc. also support our position.

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Port Commission Meeting Summary – April 11, 2006

Developer Simon Snellgrove made an informal presentation to the five member San Francisco Port Commission on Tuesday, April 11. The hearing was very well attended, despite the inclement weather conditions. More than 50 people assembled in the Port Commission Board Room.

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Simon Snellgrove, the developer who proposes to put 170 luxury condominiums and over 600 underground parking spaces on the Golden Gate Tennis & Swim Club, will be making an informational presentation to the S.F. Port Commissioners on TUESDAY – APRIL 11, 2006 at 3:00PM. Location is on the second floor of the Ferry Building, in the Port Board Room.

This presentation OPEN by Mr. Snellgrove is a prelude to his requesting the Port Commissioners grant exclusive rights to their seawall parking lot property, adjacent to the Club’s parking area, along the Embarcadero. He already has a two year option on the remaining property, which includes the Club’s tennis and swim facilities. If Mr. Snellgrove succeeds in receiving the rights to the Port’s parking lot property, he will then seek approval through the various agencies and Board of Supervisors, before beginning construction on this massive project. It will close the outdoor facilities for two years, and there is no guarantee the recreational space will then be restored, even in a limited space.

What can you do? Try to attend the April i 11 meeting. The more supporters that show up, the more the Commissioners should realize this is a development project that only benefits the well to do. They should understand that the project will drastically reduce the amount of open recreational space still available for use in the City.

It is time for all of us to alert our friends and community organizations that they need to support FOGG in its efforts to save this precious open space. We must come together and communicate that we are more than just a neighborhood group…that we represent a large and diverse membership that extends throughout the City and Bay area.

Your support is important and critical. Please keep tuned…log on to (our website), for up to date information, and how you can participate.

Tax deductible donations, to help defray our legal costs, are always appreciated. Make your checks out to Agape/FOGG, and send to James H. Eggert, Treasurer, 550 Davis Street #46, San Francisco CA 94111. Please write “For 2006 tax deduction” on the memo line. (Soon you will be able to donate through our website). Thank you for your time and effort. We look forward to seeing April 11. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Lee Radner
Friends of Golden Gateway