Committee Meeting #43 Minutes

The 43rd Committee meeting was held on Wednesday, May 24, 2006.

Attendees were: Bill Benkavitch, Allan Brotsky, Muriel Brotsky, Dave Burnett, Jim Eggert, Al Glassgold, Ed Helfeld, Lorraine Honig, Victor Honig, Bob Iwersen, Joan McCormick, Stuart Nishenko, Lee Radner, Rogene Radner, Martie Young.

1 Chairman Lee Radner led a discussion of how the proposed development is expected to proceed. There has been no formal proposal submitted by Simon Snellgrove. Lee said the Mr. Snellgrove would not allow FOGG to post the current proposal drawings on our website, until they are final. Liaison indicates that his formal plan will be submitted most likely in July. FOGG representatives are continuing to monitor actions both at the SF Port Commission and at the Planning Department. Lee is scheduling a meeting with Supervisor Aaron Peskin to keep him updated on development plans.

2 The Committee welcomed aboard two new members who have volunteered to help, Al Glassgold and Stuart Nishenko. Stuart, a seismologist, briefed the Committee on statutory requirements for getting state construction permits to develop on the Club site. It is identified by the state as a known seismic hazard zone for liquefaction. The seawall lot which would be part of the proposed development is also in this zone. Stuart is preparing a fact sheet of what steps must be followed in order to do any excavation in the area, for FOGG to ensure due diligence is adhered to if, and when a development proposal is submitted.

3 Bill Benkavitch reported on the status of the FOGG website. FOGG has begun receiving donations directly from the website link. We thank those who have done so. More enhancements are being planned.

4 Allan Brotsky reported he will be moving forward with his legal actions, thanks to Victor Honig and his research.
5 Bill Benkavitch reported on the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association Board meeting he attended earlier this month. Lee Radner, Bob IwersenBill are the FOGG representatives on the BCNA Board. The BCNA is a structure to unite neighborhood organizations, and people who live and work in the BCNA neighborhood. Of particular interest is the upcoming Preparedness and Safety Fair being held Wednesday, June 7, under the arcade at Sydney Walton Park near the Club from 330pm – 630pm. The event was planned by Maria Matson, Safety Committee Chair, BCNA. FOGG supporters are encouraged to attend this event. For more information, contact

6 Treasurer Jim Eggert reported on FOGG finances. We have received several additional donations, both from our website and through the mail. We again thank all of you who have made a contribution. Attorney fees are being paid, however, our bank balance needs replenishment, as we expect the next several months to be very active in our efforts to save the Club.
The Committee agreed to hold a fundraiser, probably in September. Planning will begin next month. If any FOGG supporter would like to help in any way (work on planning the event, donate an auction/raffle item), please contact Lee Radner at 415-986-2896 or email at

As always, contributions are welcome, and they are tax deductible. Checks should be made out to Agape/FOGG and sent to James H. Eggert, CPA 550 Davis Street -#46, San Francisco, CA 94111. Please write ‘For 2006 tax deduction’ on the memo line. Or, donations can be made through this website by clicking on the Donations to FOGG link.

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