FOGG letter to Mayor Newsom

June 17, 2006
Mayor Gavin Newsom
c/o Ruby Tourk, Appointments Secretary
City Hall, Room 210
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA. 94102
Re: Recommendations of qualified new members to the S.F. Port Commission

Dear Mayor Newsom:

As Chair of Friends of Golden Gateway (FOGG) I am writing to ask your serious consideration for FOGG’s recommended list of new appointments to the S.F. Port Commission. Friends of Golden Gateway is a group of active volunteers, dedicated to the proper planning of the northeast waterfront, and its impact on the waterfront neighborhoods. We are particularly concerned with maintaining existing open recreational space in areas that are densely populated. FOGG has over 800 members, many who live throughout the City, but travel here to enjoy the wonderful ambience of our waterfront activities.
Those we recommend are highly qualified, and have served San Francisco for many years in a number of public service positions.
1. Victor Honig – A former Human Rights Commissioner, and a certified public accountant.
2. Professor Allan Brotsky – Professor of Law Emeritus, Golden Gate University, School of Law; was pro tem Judge, San Francisco Municipal & Superior Court; member of the American Board of Trial Advocates; West coast counsel of The Marine Engineers Beneficial Assoc. (1979-1991); President, Buena Vista Neighborhood Assoc. (1963-1966).
3. Edward Helfeld – former Executive Director of the S.F. Redevelopment Agency; Urban Planner & Landscape Architect; on Board of Citizens Housing Corp.; served on Board of California Historical Society.
4. Jay Folberg, JD – Maritime and land use legal experience; Dean, School of Law, University of San Francisco; Family Court Review Board, Hofstra University; mediation attorney and author.
Respectfully yours,
Lee Radner
Chair, Friends of Golden Gateway
cc: Board of Supervisors, President Aaron Peskin
Wade Crowfoot, Office of the Mayor
Monique Moyer and Brad Benson, Port of San Francisco

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