FOGG Letter Campaign – Phase One

The FOGG Steering Committee is initiating a letter writing campaign as part of its ongoing efforts to preserve the open recreational space at the GGTSC.

And, we need your help.

A number of special interest groups who would profit from the project known as 8 Washington have started a campaign to support the developer, Simon Snellgrove.
FOGG must now go on the offensive with our own letter writing campaign to the public officials who will ultimately determine the fate of the development. Our first phase is directed at the Port of San Francisco. They have control of the seawall lot that is a major component of the proposed development.
Now is the time to draw the line on the ongoing citywide encroachment by developers on open recreational space. Developments like 8 Washington, with its two tower – 170 high end luxury condominiums, 600 car underground parking garage, and smaller, reconstituted club, benefit a few to the detriment of hundreds of families and children throughout the City. Parents and their kids, seniors and everyone who uses the Club facilities benefit from a healthy outdoor environment and enjoy a better quality of life.
What we need from all of you who read this email and are opposed to the development is to send a letter (or email) to the Port of San Francisco stating your opposition to 8 Washington.
You may compose this letter (or email) in any way you desire. Some of the key points that you can address are:
1. Loss of open recreational space. The existing Club has about 109,000 square feet of open recreational space (tennis courts, pools, lawns, picnic area, basketball court). The reconstituted Club has slightly more than half the amount of open recreational space.
2. Parking and traffic congestion. A 600 vehicle underground parking facility is not a solution to any existing or future problem. It will only facilitate more congestion.
3. High end luxury housing. More of this housing type further aggrevates the housing situation; caters to the super rich, and, the building is out of scale for the neighborhood.
4. Closure of Club for possibly 2 years of construction with no guarantee of its future.
The person to send the letter (or email) to is:
Port of San Francisco
Monique Moyer, Executive Director
Pier 1 – The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94111
You can fax it to her at: 415-274-0412
If you choose to send an email, her email address is:
Please send a copy of the letter (or email) to:
Ann Lazarus, President of the SF Port Commission.
Her mailing address is:
Port of San Francisco
Ann Lazarus, President of the Port Commission
Pier 1 – The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94111
Her email should be sent to the Commissioner’s secretary, Amy Quesada. Her address is:
You can fax it to her at: 415-274-0412.
Lastly, please also send a copy of your letter (or email) to our District 3 Supervisor, Aaron Peskin. His mailing address is:
Aaron Peskin – Board President
San Francisco Board of Supervisors
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
Room 256
San Francisco, CA 94102
Supervisor Peskin’s email address is:
If you prize this jewel of open recreational space (which is fast disappearing in our City), please let the movers and shakers understand that we can do our own moving and shaking! Don’t wait for the next person to do it for you!
We hope that you will help us preserve this open recreational space, and thank you in advance for your support.
The next phase of our letter writing campaign will be to the SF Planning Department/Planning Commission, followed by the SF Redevelopment Agency, and then the Board of Supervisors. We’ll be asking for your help at the appropriate time.

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