What the Club Means to Me

We have received many responses to our November 1st Open Letter, and want to share some of them with our supporters.

I have been a member of Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim (GGTSC) since moving to San Francisco ten years ago.  I have used it regularly both to swim and to play tennis over the years.  Additionally, my children have taken tennis lessons there and gone to summer camp as well.

GGTSC is a unique open space in the city.  If it were to cease to exist, it would be impossible to recreate it once again.  It is an important part of what makes San Francisco such a livable city.  By being downtown, it is accessible during the work day for me.  Additionally, due to its location, it frequently has good weather and is a place my kids and I spend much time on weekends when the rest of the city is socked in by fog.

Additionally, by being a public club (as opposed to a “selective club” like the Olympic Club or the Pacific Union Club”), it is open and available to the general public to join and utilize and at an affordable level.

 As a member of the Golden Gate Tennis and Swim Club, I cannot imagine the city of San Francisco favoring the deletion of such wonderful recreational spaces as the San Francisco Tennis Club or the Golden Gate Tennis and Swim Club.  These are unique recreational spaces in our city.  San Francisco does not need any more high end condo developments.  What this city needs is a return to the attitude of livability.  The city needs to encourage outdoor activity and family friendly and family safe areas for recreation.  We members of the Golden Gate Tennis and Swim club have fought development before and will do it again.

I live in The Golden Gateway Apartments and have a tiny little apartment to spend my life in.  It is a  treasure and uplift for me to be able to get out and go to the Tennis and Swim Club with my visiting grandchildren and friends.  The place is so beautifully kept up with flowers and two pools.  As I am a senior, I love the warmer of the pools and the hot tub.  The tennis courts are enjoyed so much are of the first quality….outdoors and the cost of membership is low enough for many to pay. (I pay $113.00 / month) ..that is because I live in the Golden Gate Apartments I get a small discount.

I live in Supervisor Peskin’s district and, although not a member of the Golden Gate Swim and Tennis Club, the idea of a monster condo development at the corner of Washington St. and the Embarcadero, which would displace much of the club, fills me with both frustration and sadness.  The proposed development would block the view of Coit Tower from the Ferry Building and create a mass which will do violence to one of the city’s most picturesque areas, devaluing the quality of life for local merchants, residents and tourists.  And for what?  So a developer can make a killing on what has heretofore been public land by building yet another ultra-premium condominium.

Open space is crucial for the well-being for kids and adults alike for recreation / health purposes.  Converting the already scarce space into commercial / residential development mainly benefits the developer, at the expense of the common folks.

As a Real Estate Professional I understand the financial ramifications of developing this site. But anyone can build condos.  Taking a stand to protect a rare open space like this is something that San Francisco can be proud of, and allowing this site to be developed can never be undone. We’ve all seen far too many examples of projects we wished could be undone. Pease don’t let it happen here. LK

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