FOGG Committee Meeting #46

The 46th Committee meeting was held on Tuesday, February 20, 2007.

Attendees were:  Rita Aarons, Bill Benkavitch, Allan Brotsky, Muriel Brotsky, Dave Burnett, Jim Eggert, Lorraine Honig, Victor Honig, Bob Iwersen, Joan McCormick, Nan McGuire, Lee Radner, Rogene Radner, Lorraine Sorensen, Jim Stevens, Martie Young.

1 Chairman Lee Radner led a discussion on the status of several important items.

Developer Simon Snellgrove filed his plans for the proposed development on the GGTSC with the San Francisco Planning Department.  Committee members Dave Burnett and Victor Honig will be following up on this and will report back to Lee Radner as soon as any new information is available.  The plans filed do not comply with the Interim Zoning Resolution passed by the Board of Supervisors in December.  Lee is scheduling a meeting with Supervisor Aaron Peskin to discuss this filing.

FOGG expects to submit its financial grant proposal to Agape this week.  Agape had approved FOGG’s initial proposal in January which qualified FOGG to continue with the grant process.  Chairman Radner expressed his thanks to Jim Eggert, Bill Benkavitch and Martie Young for their help in preparing the proposal.  While there is no guarantee that FOGG will be successful, Lee is very happy with the effort put forth.  Many thanks also to Lorretta Conway of USTA NorCal for her help in preparing the initial proposal.  Agape will respond by the end of March.  An oral presentation to the Agape Board may be required.  If FOGG is successful in receiving a grant, it will be used to help draft permanent legislation to preserve open recreational space in San Francisco.

FOGG is still looking for volunteers to help write the open space legislation.  Several people have expressed interest, however, there are very specific skills needed for this assignment.  If anyone reading these minutes would like to help, or knows a person who could do so, please contact Lee Radner at 415-986-2896 or

2 The Committee discussed strategies on actions to follow concerning the proposed development.  The SF Planning Department, Planning Commission, SF Port Authority, Board of Supervisors and City attorney will all be involved.  It is likely that the developer will seek a ‘negative declaration’ in lieu of preparing a full Environmental Impact Report to expedite the approval process.

3 Jim Eggert gave a report on FOGG finances.  Quite a few contributions were received in the last several months, both by regular mail and through this web site.  All outstanding bills have been paid and finances are in a fairly decent position.  FOGG again thanks everyone who has made their tax deductible contribution.  As always, donations are welcome either through this web site or by sending a check made out to Agape/FOGG to James Eggert, CPA, 550 Davis Court #46, San Francisco, CA 94111.

4 The Committee discussed the next fundraiser.  An online auction was proposed.  It was agreed that the Fund Raising Committee review this proposal and report back to the full Committee on its feasibility.  The scheduling of a fundraiser party would be addressed subsequently.

5 Bill Benkavitch reported on the FOGG email database.  The database has its highest number of people in it since it was started in 2003.  Over 400 new names have been added this year.  Lee Radner thanked everyone for their help in gathering signups for ‘team FOGG’ and to keep up the effort.

6 The next Committee meeting will be at the call of the Chair.

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