FOGG Committee Meeting #47

The 47th Committee meeting was held on Tuesday, April 24, 2007.

Attendees were: Rita Aarons, Theo Armour, Bill Benkavitch, Allan Brotsky, Muriel Brotsky, Dave Burnett, Jim Eggert, Jay Folberg, Al Glassgold, Lorraine Honig, Victor Honig, Bob Iwersen, Joan McCormick, Nan McGuire, Lee Radner, Rogene Radner, Martie Young.

1 Chairman Lee Radner updated the Committee on actions to prepare permanent open space legislation based on the Board of Supervisors Resolution unanimously passed in December. Supervisor Aaron Peskin suggested that the route to take would be to go to the sponsors of the Resolution (Supervisors Daly, McGoldrick, and Sandoval). Lee has discussed this with FOGG’s ally, Save Our San Francisco Tennis Club (SOSFTC) representative Kris Schaeffer. Kris wants to have Sue Hestor’s input before setting up a meeting.

2 Brad Benson and Kathleen Diohep from the Port of San Francisco made a presentation to the Committee concerning a proposed amendment to pending legislation in Sacramento that could have a significant impact on future development at GGTSC.

The proposed amendment would remove eleven ‘seawall lots’ from being in the public trust. The amendment would terminate restrictions; authorize a lease of the land for any use (subject to approval of the California State Lands Commission) for 66 years; revenues would be used to fund preservation of historic structures or the Port’s 10 year Capital Plan.

Of major concern is Lot 351 which abuts the GGTSC and is in the development plan sent by Simon Snellgrove to the SF Planning Department.

The presentation was very informative and the Committee thanked Brad and Kathleen for their time. This is one of several presentations the Port is planning to make before the amendment is formally presented to the Port Commission on May 22, 2007. Brad said they would only move forward with their proposed amendment if they receive community support. The legislation (SB 815) could be voted on as early as June 2007.

The Port will be making another presentation, scheduled for Monday, May 14, 2007 at Pier 1 starting at 530pm. FOGG will advise all its supporters with more details by a separate email. All FOGG supporters are encouraged to attend this presentation.

Preceding this presentation, there will be a Waterfront Forum on Monday, May 7, 2007 at the KGO building located at 900 Front Street starting at 6pm. There will be a panel that will focus broadly on Port related issues. Supervisor Aaron Peskin will be moderating. FOGG will advise all its supporters with more details by a separate email. All FOGG supporters are encouraged to attend this forum.

The FOGG Committee, after considerable discussion, cannot take a position on the proposed amendment until more information is available concerning the impact of Lot 351 being in or not in the amendment. A position will be taken before the May 22 Port Commission meeting, and presented at the meeting.

3 Lee Radner presented a series of enhanced photographs of what the proposed development would look like from several different views in the neighborhood. These images were donated anonymously by a FOGG supporter. The impact of the development is dramatic from every view, particularly the bulk of the buildings. These images will be on FOGG’s web site in early May.

4 Jim Eggert gave a report on FOGG finances. Funds are holding up, not many bills have come in during the past two months. Some additional expenses are pending. The Committee approved taking a portion of the funds and putting them into an interest bearing account. FOGG again thanks everyone who has made their tax deductible contribution. As always, donations are welcome either through this web site or by sending a check made out to Agape/FOGG to James Eggert, CPA, 550 Davis Court #46 , San Francisco , CA 94111 .

5 The next Committee meeting will be at the call of the Chair.

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