Friends of Golden Gateway (FOGG) is facing a number of timelines in the month of May. Several critical meetings with the Port are being planned that could affect the future of the open recreational space that we now enjoy.

First, let us review the legislation that could be the key to development on where the GGTSC is located.

State Senator Carole Migden is sponsoring SB 815. In its present form it includes the removal of some tidelands and submerged lands in San Francisco under SF Port control from being in the Public Trust. The lands could then be sold off for increased revenue. Now the SF Port is saying they would like to amend the bill to INCLUDE 11 SEAWALL LOTS LOCATED ALONG THE WATERFRONT FROM AT&T PARK TO PIER 35. THIS WOULD INCLUDE LOT #351, the parking lot on the corner of Washington and the Embarcadero which abuts the GGTSC.

This amendment, if approved, would allow the Port to terminate restrictions; authorize a lease of the land for any use (subject to approval of the California State Lands Commission) for 66 years; revenues would be used to fund preservation of historic structures or the Port’s 10 year Capital Plan. This is an effort by the SF Port to increase their revenues. Seawall Lot #351 is an integral part of developer Simon Snellgrove’s plan to build the high priced condominiums, and underground parking lot on the Club site.

We urge FOGG members to attend the following important meetings to gather as much information as possible, and to voice their interest in the survival of GGTSC as it presently exists:

Time: 6pm-8pm
Location: KGO Community Forum Room – 900 Front Street
Presentations & Community Discussion: The Future of Our Waterfront

The Port is at a crossroads – financially strapped and forced to rely on new development to save sinking piers and historic buildings. How will this impact our neighborhood? What are the choices?

Panelists: Monique Moyer, Director, SF Port; Jennifer Clary, SF Tomorrow; David Lewis, Save The Bay; Anthea Hartig, National Trust for Historic Preservation. Supervisor Aaron Peskin will be moderator.

This meeting is co-hosted by Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD) & the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association. (BCNA).

Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm
Location: Bayside Conference Room at Pier 1
Presentation & Workshop: Proposed Legislation to Rezone Port Lands (Seawall Lots)

Seven SF Port seawall lots in the NE Waterfront – Pier 1 to Pier 35 – are now mostly surface parking lots. Proposed amendment to SB 815 would allow leases to private developers.
(There are a total of 11 seawall lots in the proposed amendment.)

Participate in defining community and neighborhood sensitive development criteria.

Presentation by Brad Benson, SF Port Special Projects Manager, and Port Staff.

Workshop: Define Community Concerns & Development Criteria.

Facilitators: Jennifer Clary (SFT) & Jay Folberg (BCNA)

This meeting is co-hosted by THD, BCNA and the SF Port.

TUESDAY – MAY 22 (Tentative, FOGG will confirm this meeting date as soon as the Port Agenda is available)
Time: 3:15pm – Port Commission Meeting
Location: Port Commission Hearing Room, Second Floor, Ferry Building

Presentation to Port Commission on the proposed legislation.

Please note that Brad Benson has stated that if the community does not support their proposal, the Port would not pursue the proposed amendment to SB 815. It is up to FOGG members to hold him to his promise. Your attendance at these meetings is very important.

Finally, Simon Snellgrove, has recently signed on a high powered Realtor to head up his development known as 8 Washington Street. His name is Paul Osmundson. This clearly indicates that Snellgrove is moving forward with his 8 Washington St. project. FOGG has its work cut out and will need all the support we can get.

FOGG has been working for nearly four years to preserve our open recreational space. We once again need your help and know we can count on each and every one of you.

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