FOGG Letter to SF Port – June 7, 2007

Monique Moyer
Executive Director
Port of San Francisco
Pier One
San Francisco, CA 94111

Dear Ms. Moyer,

The Friends of Golden Gateway (FOGG) policy committee has discussed and thoroughly considered the proposed pending legislation that would remove eleven (11) seawall lots from the public trust.

FOGG supports the efforts of the Port to improve their revenue return on investment, and understands the need for building a sound economic model. We can, therefore, support your proposed legislation with amendments to protect and revitalize the historic sites that are controlled by the Port. However, we do have one exception to your proposed legislation: We do not support the removal of seawall Lot #351 from under the public trust for the following pertinent reasons:

1. Seawall Lot #351 is included in a proposed development by Mr. Simon Snellgrove, which is pending before the SF Planning Department.
2. Resolution #0723-06 presently prohibits construction on recreational space unless the developer can replace on a one to one basis what they remove.
3. FOGG feels that at this time it would be improper to include lot #351. It could prejudice either side of the controversy by changing the legal guidelines during the period of this application. Lot #351 should remain in the public trust until the present developer application is finally determined.
4. FOGG is also determined to keep quality open recreational space in place that benefits the entire community. Keeping Lot #351 in the proposed legislation potentially reduces recreation space used by families across the City.
5. The original development of Golden Gateway required an inclusion of community benefits to serve both new residents and neighborhood businesses. In the end Golden Gateway elected that the area be recreation. It has been so designated for over 40 years.

FOGG does appreciate the effort made by the Port staff to open up the dialog to members of the community in formulating this legislation. We look forward to a continued partnership in actively building a better waterfront community to be enjoyed by all.


Lee Radner
Chair, Friends of Golden Gateway

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