FOGG Committee Meeting #48

The 48th Committee meeting was held on Tuesday, June 14, 2007.

Attendees were: Bill Benkavitch, Allan Brotsky, Muriel Brotsky, Dave Burnett, Al Glassgold, Lee Radner, Felix Rodriguez, Monica St. Geme, Martie Young.

1 Chairman Lee Radner, Dave Burnett and Martie Young updated the Committee on the June 12 SF Port Commission meeting. As expected, the Commissioners voted unanimously to approve that the Port staff move ahead with taking the seawall lots out of the public trust. This would be done as an amendment to legislation pending in Sacramento (SB 815) sponsored by Carole Migden. Testimony presented to the Commission showed the division between those for and against the amendment. People who live in the area were against all or parts of the amendment, voiced their concerns about what could happen to the neighborhood. Those who stand to gain financially from the amendment – including developers, construction contractors, realtors, and special interest groups spoke in favor of it. FOGG, who supports the Port effort to improve their revenue return on investment, stated it does not support removal of seawall Lot 351 from being in the public trust. (FOGG’s letter to the Port is posted this web site)

The Committee discussed a plan of action concerning the legislation. A letter writing campaign is being planned to ask FOGG supporters to contact Senator Migden’s office and voice concerns about the amendment. Talking points and email/mailing addresses will be forwarded to FOGG supporters within the next week.

2 Jim Gerber from Western Athletic Clubs, which manages the GGTSC, addressed the Committee and gave his view of the Club, both the existing facility and the proposed new facility. Jim engaged in a frank and open discussion from a business perspective. As an operator he said he’s not taking sides on the proposed development. The Committee thanked Jim for his time, and he agreed to address the Committee again.

3 Lee Radner gave a brief report on FOGG finances. Funds are holding up. Some additional expenses are pending and some additional contributions have been received. FOGG again thanks everyone who has made their tax deductible contribution. FOGG is planning a new fundraising drive as current events unfold.

4 The next Committee meeting will be at the call of the Chair.

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