Open Letter – June 21, 2007

Hello FOGG Supporters!

We wish to update you on recent events that could shape the future of the GGT&SC.

On Tuesday, June 12, as expected, the SF Port Commissioners voted to approve the SF Port staff go forward with a proposed amendment to SB 815. (Resolution 07-48, Authorization to Pursue Proposed State Legislation Terminating Trust Use Restrictions for Nine Underutilized Port Seawall Lots). The amendment would remove nine seawall lots that are presently in the Public Trust. (Two lots of the original eleven were taken out of the proposed amendment.)

The SF Port staff will present this amendment to the State legislature. Senator Carole Migden is the sponsor of SB 815.

As FOGG previously stated, we understand and support the need for the Port to strengthen their financial position, and their need to build a strong fiscal model. However, the legislation as presently drafted leaves unanswered questions such as securing proper height limits on the seawall lots, as well as view corridors and probable significant traffic congestion, if there are no guarantees in the proposed amendment for these concerns. The amendment gives the Port an opportunity to maximize their income by leasing the seawall lots but does not have enough safeguards for people who live here.

Most important to FOGG is our request that seawall Lot 351 (the parking area that runs nearly the length of the Club from Washington Street to the basketball court) remain under the Public Trust. The amendment would take Lot 351 out of the Public Trust. The Public Trust rules on seawall lot 351 are important as they could prevent the building of private residences as proposed by the developer, and they will need to be addressed before continuing with plans for 170 high priced condominiums, a 500 plus space parking garage and a reconstituted Club. Seawall Lot 351 is an integral part of the proposed development. FOGG’s letter to the Port stating our position can be seen on this web site.

The Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD), 800 members strong, also is concerned with the same issues as FOGG, and have so stated to the SF Port.

FOGG needs your help. You can make a difference by contacting Senator Carole Migden and voicing your concerns about the seawall lot amendment and Lot 351. Here are FOGG’s points of concern.

1. Seawall Lot 351 is included in a proposed development by Pacific Waterfront Partners, which is pending before the SF Planning Department.

2. At this time, it would be inappropriate to include Lot 351 in the amendment as it could prejudice either side of this controversial development by changing the legal guidelines during the period of the developer’s application.

3 Open recreational space as it currently exists benefits the entire community, and it should be preserved. Having Lot 351 in the proposed amendment potentially reduces recreational space used by families across the City. In December 2006, the SF Board of Supervisors approved Resolution #0723-06 (Interim Zoning Requiring Conditional Use Authorization for change in Use or Reduction of 15,000 square feet or more of Recreational Space), which requires replacement in kind of recreational space, has not been properly addressed in the proposed development.

Senator Migden can be reached by mail, telephone, fax, or email. Her staff has been contacted by FOGG and advised that concerned citizens will be writing or calling her regarding this legislation.

Her mailing address is:
San Francisco District Office
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone number is 415-557-1300; fax number is 415-557-1252.

Her email address is:

We thank you in advance for taking the time to contact Senator Migden. FOGG would appreciate it if you would send a copy of your correspondence to us at

For those of you who have been following the fight by our friends at Save Our San Francisco Tennis Club (SOSFTC), please see this recent video from Channel 5 by clicking on the link on this web site ‘SFTC May Be Closing’. The loss of open recreational space in San Francisco continues. FOGG and SOSFTC are working together to draft permanent legislation, but it will be a daunting challenge.

Finally, we ask that you support FOGG by making a tax deductible contribution. You can write a check made out to AGAPE/FOGG with tax deductible donation on the memo line, and mail to Jim Eggert, Treasurer, 550 Davis Street, #46, San Francisco, CA 94111, or on this web site and clicking on the Donations to FOGG link.

Thank you for your continuing support for our efforts to preserve the GGT&SC!

Lee Radner

Chair, Friends of Golden Gateway

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