FOGG Open Letter – July 4, 2007

Hello FOGG Supporters!

We want to update you on the fast moving events this week.

FOGG had a successful trip to Sacramento on Monday, July 2nd. The Assembly Committee on Natural Resources voted 7 to 1 to support Senator Carole Migden’s SB815 as amended. This means the bill moves on with height limits intact, and, seawall lot 351 remains under Public Trust protection. Great!

We want to thank all of our supporters who wrote, called, faxed and emailed our legislators to show their support. FOGG is extremely gratified at the number of our team members who took the time to do this.

In our four years of effort to save the Club, we have never seen so many people step up and do something. We could not have done this without your help. You made a difference and it is deeply appreciated. THANK YOU!

We must thank Senator Migden and her Deputy Chief of Staff, Eric Potashner, for what they did to protect the community and the historic regulations presently in place. They have been – and still are – under tremendous pressure from the SF Port staff, special interest groups, and developers to alter the bill for their benefit. Senator Migden and her staff deserve all the credit we can offer them for standing tall.

The demeanor of the Natural Resources Committee under Chairperson Loni Hancock is also sincerely appreciated.

The community leaders from the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association, and of course our FOGG representatives is applauded as they stood together in support of Senator Migden’s bill. We had our share of pressures from the opposition, but we were united and did not bend. We particularly commend our attorney, Sue Hestor, who calmly stated FOGG’s position.

We must now take a deep breath and understand that this part of battle is only just getting underway, and much more needs to be done. The opposition is very active and continues to undermine our efforts to preserve the open recreational space at the Club.

Here is what we know about the process and where SB815 moves to.

First, there will be a hearing before the Assembly Appropriations Committee, possibly next week, or if not, due to a summer recess, in August. If approved by the Appropriations Committee, SB815 moves for a vote on the Assembly Floor. If approved, the bill moves back to the Senate for a concurrence vote. Finally the bill goes to the Governor’s desk, and signing into law.

FOGG will keep our supporters advised.

Finally, if you’d like to see the images of the proposed development, click on ‘Images of Proposed Development’ on this web site.

Thank you again for being with us in our mission to preserve the Club, and have a great Holiday!

Lee Radner
Chair, Friends of Golden Gateway

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