FOGG Committee Meeting #49

The 49th Committee meeting was held on Tuesday, August 28, 2007. Attendees were:  Rita Aarons, Bill Benkavitch, Allan Brotsky, Muriel Brotsky, Dave Burnett, Al Glassgold, Sue Hestor, Lorraine Honig, Victor Honig, Bob Iwersen, Lee Radner, Rogene Radner, Diana Taylor, Martie Young.

1 Chairman Lee Radner thanked all the Committee members and FOGG team members who contacted Senator Carole Migden, and Assembly Members Mark Leno and Fiona Ma voicing support for Senator Migden’s SB 815, as amended.  Lee stated that he faxed all sixteen members of the Appropriations Committee a letter and an image of the proposed development to give them some sense of what the buildings would do to the neighborhood. Lee reported that support for the legislation is very strong throughout the community, as there have been several conference calls and meetings within the past two weeks as part of the lobbying effort to move the bill forward.  Many thanks to the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association, and San Francisco Tomorrow.  The pressure on Senator Migden to change the bill has been unrelenting.  The SF Port, Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office, and the special interest groups who would benefit from the Seawall Lots being removed from the Public Trust have all been making a push.

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Open Letter – August 1, 2007

Hello FOGG Supporters, Are you ready for Round Two!! We are referring to Senator Carole Migden’s bill, SB815 that is now heading to the Appropriations Committee in the State Assembly.  The Committee is chaired by Assembly Member Mark Leno.

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