Open Letter – August 1, 2007

Hello FOGG Supporters, Are you ready for Round Two!! We are referring to Senator Carole Migden’s bill, SB815 that is now heading to the Appropriations Committee in the State Assembly.  The Committee is chaired by Assembly Member Mark Leno.

Let’s review:  SB815 contains language that allows the San Francisco Port to have a number of their Seawall Lots removed from the Public Trust so that the Port can lease them to developers and hopefully increase their revenues to better their financial situation.  While FOGG supports the Port’s need to improve their finances, a proposed amendment to the bill would have, in our opinion, placed in peril the present and historical height limits on the northeastern waterfront.  Development on these Seawall Lots without restrictions could cause irreparable harm to view corridors like what is already occurring in the Rincon Hill area, and further increase traffic congestion along the Embarcadero.  Seawall Lot 351, which abuts the GGTSC, is included in plans submitted by developer Simon Snellgrove to build 170 luxury condominiums, a 500 plus space underground parking garage and a reconstituted Club. 

In June, Senator Migden stepped in and changed the proposed amendment to protect the height limits and keep Seawall Lot 351 under the Public Trust, protecting it from being used for private housing.  SB815 as amended, passed the Assembly’s Committee on Natural Resources on July 12.  This bill now goes to Assembly Member Leno’s Appropriation Committee for a hearing scheduled for August 22. 

Once again FOGG needs your help.  We need you to call, write, email or fax Assembly Member Leno expressing your support for SB815 as amended.  We are at another critical juncture so please contact him as soon as you can. 

FOGG believes SB815 as amended should be passed because it gives the SF Port an opportunity to improve their finances while preserving and protecting the existing neighborhoods along the waterfront.

Here is the contact information for Assembly Member Leno.

San Francisco District Office

455 Golden Gate Avenue #14300

San Francisco, CA 94102

tel 415-557-3013, fax 415-557-3015


Please also contact Assembly Member Fiona Ma, who is on the Appropriations Committee.  As you may recall, while a member of the SF Board of Supervisors Assembly Member Ma was the author of the interim zoning Resolution protecting open recreational space in San Francisco until June 2008.  (We are working on writing permanent legislation.) 
Here is the contact information for Assembly Member Ma. San Francisco District Office 455 Golden Gate Avenue #14600San Francisco, CA 94102 tel  415-557-2312, fax  415-557-1178 email Simon Sellgrove has a team lobbying in Sacramento in opposition to Senator Migden’s bill.  We need to show our support for the legislation by contacting both Assembly Members Leno and Ma. 

The effort to save our open recreational space takes a great deal of time and energy.  We thank all of our FOGG supporters for their help these past four years; It is worth it!  We have accumulated a sufficient amount of legal expenses this past month from our attorney, who has been doing a fantastic job while accepting minimal payments for her time.  This would be a good opportunity for you to make a tax deductible contribution to offset FOGG’s legal expenses.  You may contribute by sending a check to AGAPE/FOGG (with a note on the memo line; For 2007 tax deduction.) and mail to James Eggert, CPA, 550 Davis Street #46, San Francisco, CA 94111, or clicking on the ‘Donations to FOGG’ link on this web site. 

FOGG is facing another challenge that can be overcome with your continuing support, and we know that you will do your part.  We thank you again for your help. 

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