FOGG Alert – August 31, 2007

Hello FOGG supporters,

We have some good news from Sacramento to report. Senator Carole Migden’s bill SB 815, as amended, passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee, chaired by Assembly Member Mark Leno, yesterday.  The vote was 11 – 5.


The bill will now go to the State Assembly floor, where it could be amended by September 7, 2007, so we must stay alert as to its disposition. We once again thank all of our team who contacted Assembly Members Mark Leno, Fiona Ma and other members on the Appropriations Committee voicing support for SB 815, as amended.  Passing the Appropriations Committee is another important step in the legislative process, and FOGG remains hopeful that the bill will ultimately become law.

As we have stated, SB 815, as amended will keep Seawall Lot 351, which abuts the Club, in the Public Trust. We must also thank our coalition compatriots, the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association and San Francisco Tomorrow.  We did not bend to the pressures from the special interest groups and stuck to our principles.  There is still a long way to go and much could happen that would change the present results.  All of us remain vigilant until we know our open recreational space will continue to exist for years to come.

FOGG will keep our team members posted as new information becomes available.

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