FOGG Open Letter – November 21, 2007

Hello FOGG Supporters!

 Friends of Golden Gateway hopes that you will have a very happy Thanksgiving Holiday. Speaking of turkeys – We wish to thank all of those who sat through last Wednesday’s so-called community meeting, hosted by Mr. Snellgrove and company.  He thought he could stuff those who attended into his development pocket and claim that we were cooked to his liking. We think he got the message loud and clear that FOGG and its supporters aren’t buying into his concept of displacing the open recreational space with large, bulky, luxury condominiums and a 520 space underground parking garage. Rest assured, Mr. Snellgrove is not going away anytime soon.  Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – November 21, 2007”

BCNA Get-Together

If you were at the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association get-together last night and heard about FOGG: Welcome!

If you would like an introduction to the Golden Gateway Tennis and Swimming Club or have any questions about FOGG and its agenda – please email us at coaches at fogg dot us.

See you in the ‘hood…

FOGG Alert – November 1, 2007

Hello FOGG Supporters!

On Wednesday, November 14, from 5:00pm-7:00pm, Mr. Simon Snellgrove of San Francisco Waterfront Partners is holding a community meeting about the 8 Washington Street project.  The meeting is at the Pier 1 Bayside Conference Room on the Embarcadero. As stated on the meeting announcement, “San Francisco Waterfront Partners, LLC invites you to hear their vision for 8 Washington Street, review project refinements made to date and share your feedback.”  Continue reading “FOGG Alert – November 1, 2007”