FOGG Alert – November 1, 2007

Hello FOGG Supporters!

On Wednesday, November 14, from 5:00pm-7:00pm, Mr. Simon Snellgrove of San Francisco Waterfront Partners is holding a community meeting about the 8 Washington Street project.  The meeting is at the Pier 1 Bayside Conference Room on the Embarcadero. As stated on the meeting announcement, “San Francisco Waterfront Partners, LLC invites you to hear their vision for 8 Washington Street, review project refinements made to date and share your feedback.” FOGG strongly urges our supporters to attend this meeting and voice your opposition to the construction of luxury condominiums and the underground garage on the Club site he has been proposing.  This project, if built, will forever change the neighborhood and the present open recreational space.To attend this meeting you may RSVP at (415) 675-2106 or email your response to We believe it is time to let Mr. Snellgrove know how people feel about this proposed development.  He has continually stated that without community support, he could not proceed.  Here is your opportunity to voice your opinion and tell Mr. Snellgrove what the people who live and work in this neighborhood and many throughout the city feel about the 8 Washington Street development. If you are unable to attend the November 14 meeting, we ask that you express your concerns and objections via their email address to  Should you send an email response, FOGG would appreciate that you send a copy us at  It is important that we document all communications.We are at a critical time in preventing further development of this nature along the Embarcadero waterfront.  This summer saw us protecting Seawall Lot 351 from private housing development.  Now we must end this continual push by developers, whose only concern is their bottom line – to build luxury condominiums occupied by those who are in the majority transient residents of our City – don’t answer our basic housing needs – and reduce open recreational space. We look forward to you attendance at the November 14 meeting.It’s important!


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