FOGG Open Letter – November 21, 2007

Hello FOGG Supporters!

 Friends of Golden Gateway hopes that you will have a very happy Thanksgiving Holiday. Speaking of turkeys – We wish to thank all of those who sat through last Wednesday’s so-called community meeting, hosted by Mr. Snellgrove and company.  He thought he could stuff those who attended into his development pocket and claim that we were cooked to his liking. We think he got the message loud and clear that FOGG and its supporters aren’t buying into his concept of displacing the open recreational space with large, bulky, luxury condominiums and a 520 space underground parking garage. Rest assured, Mr. Snellgrove is not going away anytime soon.   There is a lot of maneuvering by him to somehow obtain Seawall Lot 351, so he can use that corner parking lot area for his 8 Washington Street development.  We are continually monitoring the situation and will apprise you of any development changes.This leads us to really thank those many supporters who sent Mr. Snellgrove emails stating their opposition to his project.  We URGE those who have not written him to please do so.  As FOGG has stated, this fight is far from over, and we need all the support each of you can give.  The little time it takes to put down your thoughts and to deliver your message means a great deal to us.  And please send a copy to FOGG, as your input helps us build the case against him.  It is important, as your statements give strong testimony to the broad City-wide community support that FOGG enjoys. Just email your letters to: with a copy to us at

 FOGG looks forward to receiving your responses.Don’t delay – timing is important, and the time is now.Happy Holiday!

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