FOGG Open Letter – April 16, 2008

 We wish to sincerely thank all those who attended the Monday, April 14th Port Workshop on Seawall Lot 351.

The turnout of FOGG supporters was great.  Thank you for being there!

We believe the Port staff, Commissioners, and San Francisco Waterfront Partners (Simon Snellgrove – who attended) have heard loud and clear that there is a great deal of opposition to the proposed plans to include Seawall Lot 351 as an integral part of the SFWP proposal for 170 luxury condominiums and a 500+ space underground parking garage development.

Our mission for preserving open recreational space has been ongoing for five years.  We carry on this mission we inherited from a generation ago and we will not waiver in preserving the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club.

We believe, with your continued support, the proposed condominium and underground parking garage development called 8 Washington Street, will never happen.

The Port Workshop clearly showed that open space should be included in any changes that are planned for Seawall Lot 351.

Also, we heard that that the consensus of the Workshop groups said that there is no need for additional parking in our neighborhood.

We are anxious to review how the Port staff writes up their assessment of this Workshop.

Monday night was just another “beginning” in are efforts, but it was important to reiterate what we believe must be accomplished in saving our neighborhood from such over development.

The Port did not respond as to why they are pushing hard in moving ahead, while the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is still in process, or why they are setting deadlines on proposals that will benefit Mr. Snellgrove’s timetable.

The Port should be held accountable for their timetable.  Responses from Port staff at the Workshop about this were inadequate.

This is OUR LAND.  The Port is managing OUR LAND and we will hold them to a higher standard, not merely the ‘best and highest use’ standard from developers.

There still needs to be a traffic/parking study completed.  The Port seems to be putting the “cart before the horse”, but should now be aware that FOGG and its allies will continue the fight to preserve the open recreational space at Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club.

Thanks again for a great turnout and for everyone’s support.

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