FOGG Alert – May 22, 2008

Dear Friends & Supporters:


On Tuesday, May 27, the SF Port Commissioners will decide when they will receive Requests For Proposals (RFP) to develop Seawall Lot 351.  It will be held in the Port Commission meeting room, 2nd floor, Ferry Building.  The public portion of the meeting starts at 3:15pm.  You can view the Agenda by clicking on this link:  SF Port Agenda, May 27, 2008   See Page 3, Item 9, Planning & Development.


As we previously advised, developer Simon Snellgrove needs Seawall Lot 351 to build his 170 luxury condominiums (two buildings), and he needs to have SWL 351 removed from under the Public Trust, as it does not allow for private housing on the property.


While the meeting is presented as an Informational Report, it is critical that as many FOGG members as possible be in attendance to support our position.  FOGG does not wish to see development on SWL 351 that will also encroach on the open space now occupied by the Golden Gate Tennis & Swim Club.  We would urge the Port Commission to deliberately assess their development needs, and not rush to any judgment.


Please make every attempt to be at the Port Commission meeting, and if possible, to give public testimony.  The Port has said they could authorize an RFP as early as their June 10, 2008 meeting.  So we need to make a real impact either orally or in writing supporting FOGG’s position at the May 27 meeting.


Our critical points are:


-Maintain the Public Trust on Seawall Lot 351.  Short term financial gain should not outweigh long-term planning assessments and the needs of the entire waterfront.


-Loss of open recreational space in this San Francisco neighborhood must be replaced in kind.  When open recreational space is gone (either public or private) it is gone.


-Global warming is real.  Unbiased hydrologic analysis of rising Bay levels and development on Seawall Lot 351 must be addressed before any RFP is issued.


-The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) must be completed before any RFP is issued, and the hydrologic analysis must be a part of the EIR.


-All the seawall lots on the San Francisco NE waterfront should be addressed as an integrated group.  Development of individual lots is short sighted.  Development must be ‘people friendly’ and maintain the open visual space that is an enjoyment to both residents and tourists.  (Does anyone really want to see 84 foot high luxury condominiums (170 of them) on the corner of Washington and the Embarcadero, and a 500+ space parking garage?).


We had a great turnout at the Port’s April 14 Workshop, and now we need a continuity of that support at the May 27 meeting.  If you wish additional background material please contact me at or call 415-986-2896.


If you cannot attend, please write to the SF Port.  You can email Monique Moyer, the Executive Director, at  Email addresses of other members of the Executive Staff are at SF Port Executive Staff.  Please send us a copy to


We thank you for your continuing support.



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