FOGG Open Letter – June 10, 2008

We wanted to share some exciting news with you.  The following is from an article in 7X7 Magazine (June 2008 edition).  It is wonderful to read that our Club is recognized for being the Best of The City.


7 X 7 MAGAZINE – BEST OF THE CITY, June 2008 issue

(Courtesy of 7×7 Magazine and Hartle Media.  Thank you, Chris)




“We are a city of gyms – large, clean, well-equipped gyms full of sexy, fit people.  But what sets Golden Gateway & Swim Club apart from the rest is simply how many of its facilities are located outdoors:  Nine outdoor tennis courts, two outdoor heated pools (hallelujah!), a hot tub and an outdoor exercise pavilion amid palm trees and stunning downtown views.  All this in the middle of the Financial District (but don’t worry – members can park for free for two and a half hours).  The urban country-club ambience comes complete with towel, laundry and message services.  Beware:  Friends might start calling you Buffy.  370 Drumm St., 415-616-8800,”


Chairs Note:  We thank 7X7 Magazine for recognizing what a jewel our Club is.  As we have been saying for 5 years, and as many of you know, our Club is not an exclusive rich person’s place, although it feels like it!  It is no more exclusive than the YMCA or JCC.  It is open to anyone who wishes to join and experience this urban oasis, shared with the many young people, families, and seniors who are at our Club on a daily basis.  And let’s not forget the community outreach programs that the Club supports to benefit worthwhile causes to improve the City’s quality of life.


We ask that you circulate this among your friends, even those who are not members.  It validates the reasons we all work hard to save our open recreational space, and why all of us need to continue to provide the help (both physical and financial) to reach our goal to preserve our open recreational space as was intended decades ago.


Our Club has been here for 40 years.  FOGG wants to ensure that it is here for another 40 years.


With your continued support we won’t let the developers TAKE IT AWAY FROM US.

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