FOGG Alert – July 4, 2008

FOGG wishes all of you a happy Independence Day Holiday weekend.  We know that many of you will be at our wonderful Club enjoying its open recreational space in the safe and familiar environment that has been in our neighborhood for 40 years.


As you may already know, there is a critical action occurring next week that FOGG wants to remind you about.


The San Francisco Port Commission will meet on Tuesday, July 8 to vote on the Request for Proposals (RFP) for developing Seawall Lot 351, adjacent to the open recreational property, Golden Gateway Swim & Tennis Club.  The meeting will be held in the Port Commission Hearing Room, 2nd floor, Ferry Building.  The public portion of the meeting begins at 3:15pm.  The Meeting agenda can be viewed by clicking here  Port Agenda, July 8, 2008, see Item 9, PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT.  The Memorandum about the RFP for Seawall Lot 351 from the SF Port Executive Director to the Commissioners can be viewed by clicking here  Memorandum from Executive Director.


We urge as many FOGG members as possible attend this meeting, and if possible to give public testimony based on FOGG’s position in maintaining the community’s need for open recreational space.


In our FOGG ALERT of May 27, we listed our major concerns about development on Seawall Lot 351.  To refresh you memory we feel it is important to repeat them as follows with some updates:


-Maintain the public Trust on Seawall Lot 351.  Short term planning should not outweigh long term planning assessments and the public needs of the entire waterfront.


-Loss of open recreational space in this San Francisco neighborhood must be replaced in kind.  When open recreational space is gone (either public or private) it is gone.


-Global warming is real, and so is climate change.  Unbiased hydrologic analysis of rising Bay levels and development on Seawall Lot 351 must be addressed before any RFP is issued.


-The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) must be completed before any RFP is issued, and the hydrologic analysis must be addressed as well as a study of the fill on this property and the amount of its toxic substance.


-All seawall lots on the San Francisco NE waterfront should be addressed as an integrated group.  Development of individual lots is shortsighted.  Development must be people friendly and maintain the open visual space that is an enjoyment to both residents and tourists.  (Does anyone really want to see 170 luxury condominiums on the corner of Washington and the Embarcadero, and a 500 plus underground parking garage?).


In closing we quote John King, who recently wrote in the Chronicle on parks vs. development:  “They (parks) are also reminders that neighborhoods aren’t defined by architectural land marks as much as by the spaces people share.”


We look forward to your attendance and participation.

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