FOGG Open Letter – July 14, 2008

We want to report back to you on what happened at the SF Port Commissioners meeting on July 8, 2008.  It was good to see those of you who were able to attend, and give testimony.  FOGG thanks you for your time and effort.


As expected, the Port Commissioners went ahead and passed the request for authorization for a Request For Proposals (RFP) for development of Seawall Lot 351.  As we said, it was not unexpected.  In fact, the Commissioners were so anxious to move ahead with the development of SWL 351 that they moved to approve the resolution before there was any public comment.


Recognizing their faux pas they then proceeded to call for public testimony – two minutes per speaker.  Even though this RFP is for SWL 351, it is really about the 8 Washington Street luxury condominium and underground parking garage development proposed by San Francisco Waterfront Partners, in our judgment.


The special interests supporting Mr. Snellgrove’s proposed project dutifully moved to the podium in lockstep and all sang his praises.  They were all on the same page of his song “We know what is best for your community.”  With only one or two exceptions none of them live in the neighborhood.  It was pure Kabuki Theatre.  Without further questions from the Commissioners to those who spoke they rushed through their resolution for the RFP.


To show how scripted this was we reprint from the Port Report, the schedule of proposed dates to complete the RFP review.  It’s interesting as the timing coincides with the departure of our Supervisor Aaron Peskin (3rd District) from the Board of Supervisors.


Port Commission authorization to issue RFP, July 8, 2008

Issue RFP, July 2008

Submittal deadline, October 15, 2008

Evaluation of proposals, Fall 2008

Presentation(s) by qualified respondents, Fall 2008

Commission approval of selected respondents, Fall/Winter 2008

Execution of Exclusive Negotiation Authority (ENA) and lease negotiations, 2009

Port Commission approval, 2009

Board of Supervisors approval, 2009


We do want to thank Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD) for the concise and factual letter they sent in response to the Port Staff Report.  It was extremely well thought out and showed their in-depth understanding of development along the San Francisco waterfront.  We also want to thank the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association (BCNA) who also sent a similarly well written letter.  And, FOGG also submitted its own letter.  None of these letters were acknowledged or responded to, except as attachments to the Port’s Report.


We know this is a lengthy letter, but it is imperative that FOGG supporters know exactly what is going on and why your continued support is so critical at this time.  In an earlier open letter we sad “it is going to be a long and hot summer.”  Last Tuesday the heat was turned up a notch.


FOGG is optimistic that we will prevail in preserving our open recreational space, but it is going to take the efforts and support of everyone as we move ahead into a very challenging and fast moving time period.


As always we will need your continued financial support as our attorney is working at full throttle to assist us in our efforts.  Remember your donations are tax deductible, and they are needed now.  You may make your checks out to AGAPE/FOGG, with a note on the memo line: “tax deductible donation.”  They should be mailed to Jim Eggert, CPA , 550 Davis St. #46, San Francisco, CA  94111.  You may also donate on line at this web site.


FOGG knows you will dig deep down to support us.  We have been at this for over 5 years, and we will not back off in our efforts.  It is a day like last Tuesday that reenergizes us, and assures our success.

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