FOGG Open Letter – September 15, 2008

Those of you who attended the District 3 Supervisor Candidate’s Forum on Wednesday, September 10th, were undoubtedly pleasantly surprised at the knowledge and overall good responses by the candidates.  We seem blessed by an abundance of qualified candidates running for office in our District.  The turnout was also great – 100 plus interested citizens attended.


FOGG wants to take this opportunity to thank BCNA, and in particular, President Bill Sauro for the fine job in organizing the event.  It really put the neighborhood on the map.  We also send our thanks to Carolyn Tyler, and her KGO-TV crew for hosting the event, as it went very smoothly.  We were advised that the Forum will soon be on the KGO-TV web site.  FOGG will have a link for it on our web site when it is available for viewing.


Joe Alioto, Claudine Cheng, David Chiu, Mike DeNunzio, Tony Gantner, Lynn Jefferson, Denise McCarthy and Wilma Pang all came well prepared and also seemed to enjoy the give and take of the evening.


Some of our FOGG members have asked that we address several questions to all the candidates that concern our interest in preserving open recreational space.  We will be sending an Open Letter this week to all the candidates requesting a response to questions on this subject.


Upon receiving their replies we will forward them to you unedited.  We hope this helps those who live in District 3 make an intelligent decision in voting on November 4th.  As a non-profit organization, FOGG cannot and will not endorse a candidate, but we wish our members to have all the information possible to come to their own conclusions on who will best serve our District and the need to provide critical open recreational space for our community.

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