FOGG Open Letter – November 20, 2008

We want to give you a short update on what happened at the SF Port Commission meeting Tuesday, November 18th, concerning the RFP on Seawall Lot 351.

 In one word, NOTHING.

The SF Port is continuing on the same path as before with their plan to develop SWL351.

We delivered our comments regarding the RFP on SWL351, emphasizing the need for the SF Port to provide more transparency in giving their reasons for reopening the RFP on such short notice with an end date of December 19th after terminating the initial RFP on November 5th.

Why could the Port not wait for two or three months knowing that everyone agrees there is a serious world-wide economic crisis that no doubt limits a good number of potential participants holding back on submitting a proposal.  Further, there is FOGG’s, and other neighborhood advocacy groups concerns that any development on SWL351 could have a serious impact on the open recreational space of the GGTSC, and a significant change to the entire San Francisco northeast waterfront.

FOGG presented our comments before the Commissioners went into Executive Session, and again during the regular meeting period.  On both occasions we were met with silence.  And, no questions were asked by the Commissioners.  (This seems to be normal procedure on this issue.)

We will continue to monitor the situation.  There are dates where further opportunities will be had to present our concerns.

They are as follows.  Please mark your calendars.

 Informational Presentation regarding Waterfront Land Use Plan Review and Update (December 9, 2008)”.  This is also an important issue to FOGG and several other neighborhood advocacy organizations.  We urge as many as possible to attend this Port meeting.

Informational presentation by Port Staff and Respondent Development Teams for the 2/3 Acre Mixed-Use Development Opportunity at Seawall Lot 351 (Embarcadero at Washington) (January 13, 2009)”.  We also urge as many as possible to attend this Port meeting.

“Request authorization to award the Seawall Lot 351 Development Opportunity (Embarcadero at Washington).  (Date to be determined)“.

You will receive a FOGG Alert for each of these meetings, as the date approaches.

Lastly, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

As we hear from our FOGG team members regularly, we understand that the past several months have been difficult for many of you.  And, it can be a challenge to stay focused on the need to preserve our open recreational space.  We are not deterred, and believe that the New Year will bring a renewal of positive pursuits and better times for all of us.

We in FOGG have much to be thankful for with your support of our efforts, and your tax-deductible donations that help defray our legal expenses.

Thanks for being with us.

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