FOGG Open Letter – December 13, 2008

You may have received the recent “Dear Neighbor” letter from San Francisco Waterfront Partners, LLC about the 8 Washington Street proposed development on the Club site.  As many of our FOGG members live outside the San Francisco northeast waterfront area and probably did not get this letter, you can view it by clicking on this link.  SFWP Letter of December 2, 2008

We urge everyone to read this self-serving letter.  We believe that it does not acknowledge that over the past two years FOGG and its members have overwhelmingly and repeatedly told SFWP that we do not approve of their 8 Washington Street proposed development.

SFWP omit many facts in their letter.  The main ones being the size and future ownership of the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club, and that the adjoining Seawall Lot 351 which the developers wish to incorporate into the project is still under Public Trust, prohibiting private housing on that property.  Also, no mention of what 2 to 3 years of construction will do to this neighborhood, or the environmental impact concerns including toxic waste removal and rising bay levels from global warming.  And finally, there is no mention of the size of the proposed underground parking garage.  The letter does mention the possibility of proceeding with the development without Seawall Lot 351; the first time we have seen this in writing.

We could list more omissions, but we believe you understand that SFWP is again trying to rewrite the script and gather community support for this development, and downplaying the negative effects.

So, FOGG once again asks our members.  Read the San Francisco Waterfront Partners letter.  If you believe this development should not be built, send an email to them stating your opposition to this proposed development and its assault on our open recreational space and the negative impact on our community.  Your email may be sent to either (or both) Alicia Esterkamp at or Simon Snellgrove at  Please also send a copy to us at

We understand this is a very busy time of the year for everyone, but we can’t stress enough that SFWP must get the message that they are not to proceed with this oversized development in our neighborhood.  You did it once before, please do it again.  Send your emails of NO to the 8 Washington Street project as soon as possible.

Thanks, and look forward to receiving your responses.

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