FOGG Open Letter – January 13, 2009

Attention you tennis players!  San Francisco Waterfront Partners (Simon Snellgrove) ended up as the only bidder after the SF Port Request For Proposals (RFP) on Seawall Lot 351 closed on December 19, 2008.  SFWP has presented a new development plan which will reduce the present nine tennis courts to four!!And you swimmers, don’t think you sport is safe.  While you still will have two pools, they will be located on the roof of the proposed workout gym, and situated right along the Embarcadero.  (We are not sure how you will get to the pools; they might put in an escalator or maybe drop you from a private SFWP helicopter.)

Actual Club open space will be reduced by at least 50%.

SFWP made their presentation to the SF Port Commission on Tuesday, January 13, 2009.  You can view an image of the proposed development by clicking on this link:  8 Washington Plan.

In any event, if they succeed this will be the end of the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club as we presently know it.

To top it off, SFWP will still put up two eight story plus high priced luxury condominium towers along the Embarcadero & Washington Street, which we have dubbed “The West Coast Taj Mahal – The Island of the Elite”.

Rest assured this will mean the end of family gatherings, birthday parties, Junior Tennis, USTA Team Tennis, Kid’s Camp, senior aquatics and more.  It will no longer be a family friendly Club where on your lunch break you can come over and play a set of tennis or take a few laps in the pool.

We are sure you can still become a member after a two/three year construction period if you have a bank account located at Fort Knox, or have purchased one of the proposed $2 million plus condos in the “Taj Mahal. ”

FOGG assures everyone that final approval of this development is still a long way off.  We are ready for anything that comes our way provided you as individuals do your part.  We are at a most critical point in this continuing battle to save our open recreational space.

We ask once again that you email the following people with your comments of support for the present Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club.  Please tell them your concerns about this elite proposed development that would completely reduce the neighborhood and City wide participation in a family orientated Club, which has been an integral part of this neighborhood for 40 years.

Please send your emails to Simon Snellgrove of SFWP at  with copies to: SF Port Executive Director Monique Moyer at, and District Three Supervisor David Chiu at  Also please send us an email copy at  We want to document your responses for future actions.

It is also very important that you support FOGG through your donations to cover our very critical attorney fees, which are tax deductible.  We cannot succeed without the legal guidance that our land use attorney so brilliantly provides. Your checks should be made out to AGAPE/FOGG, with a note on the memo line “tax deductible donation”, and mailed to James Eggert, Treasurer, 550 Davis St. #46, San Francisco, CA 94111.  You can also donate at this web site.  Either way it is important that you help in any way you can.

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