FOGG Open Letter – February 8, 2009

FOGG wishes to sincerely thank our Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association Board for asking their members to financially assist FOGG in our efforts to save the neighborhood’s open recreational space.  President Bill Sauro’s email can be read at this link:  BCNA President’s Email.

FOGG deeply appreciates this cooperative effort, and the need of our land use attorney’s knowledge and expertise in our mission to preserve the Club as was intended decades ago.

This also gives us the opportunity to thank all FOGG members who have financially contributed to help pay the legal costs which are 100% tax deductible.  We can certainly use more while realizing that these are difficult economic times, but are gratified for the support given to our effort.

All donations should be made to AGAPE/FOGG and on the memo line please write “tax deductible donation.”  Your check can be sent to Jim Eggert, Treasurer, 550 Davis Street, #46. San Francisco, CA 94111.  Donations can also be made on line at this web site.

FOGG appreciates the many emails, phone calls, and letters sent by you in the past weeks supporting FOGG’s position.  If you have not already done so, please send an email stating how you feel about the destruction of our present open recreational space to the developer, San Francisco Waterfront Partners, Simon Snellgrove at and Alicia Esterkamp at

Please send a copy to Monique Moyer of the SF Port at and Supervisor David Chiu (3rd District Supervisor and Board President) at  Also please send a copy to FOGG at

Finally, we thank all who attended last Wednesday’s (February 4th) Northeast Waterfront Advisory Group (NEWAG) meeting with the SF Port.  Those who attended had to once again suffer through another dog and pony show by the developer.  It is amazing how often he changes what he says; we have heard this current developer for at least 3 years.  Thankfully, it didn’t fool the majority of those who attended and spoke against the development.  You would think that by now Mr. Snellgrove would understand the strong opposition to his project.

NEWAG was expected to advise the Port and recommend that they move ahead with an agreement to partner with SFWP on developing 8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351. However, with so many unanswered questions and strong opposition they did not take any action.  This makes for an interesting scenario for the February 24th Port Commission meeting, when the Commissioners are planning to approve going ahead with the development.  We will see how they now respond.

FOGG asks that our supporters attend this meeting.  Please mark your calendar.  We will send out a FOGG Alert as a reminder as the meeting date approaches.  We hope to see a good turnout.

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