FOGG Alert – February 21, 2009

This is a follow up to our February 19th FOGG Alert to update you on the Port Commission meeting to be held on Tuesday, February 24th starting at 3:15 pm.  The meeting will be in the Port Commission Hearing Room, located on the second floor of the Ferry Building

The Port Agenda can be read by clicking on this link:  Agenda.  We call your attention to Item 11B, quoted below:

ITEM 11B WILL BE HEARD AT 4:15 P.M. (The Commission may decide to hear this item out of order (after any of Items 11-14) if Item 11A is not completed before 4:15 p.m.

B.      Request approval (1) to award the Seawall Lot 351 Development Opportunity at Washington and The Embarcadero to San Francisco Waterfront Partners II LLC, and (2) to enter into exclusive negotiations to explore a mixed-use development project combining SWL 351 with the adjacent privately owned Blocks 168, 171 and 201. (Resolution No. 09-12)

Note:  Blocks 168, 171 and 201 are the location of the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club.

We expect the Commissioners to vote for approval.  However, we want to assure all our supporters that this is only the beginning of a very long legal and political process.

Also available on the SF Port Agenda link above is a Port Memorandum dated February 19, 2009.  It can be read by clicking on this link: Memorandum.  This will give you some insight on what the Port Staff is stating.

District 3 Supervisor (and Board President) David Chiu has sent a letter to the SF Port concerning the Sea Wall Lot 351 development proposal.  Supervisor Chiu’s letter can be read by clicking on this link: Supervisor Chiu Letter.

Part of his letter is quoted here:  …”I would strongly urge the Port Commission to work with the City’s Planning Department to lead a focused planning process for the Port’s surface parking lots north of Market Street.”

Supervisor Chiu concludes with:  “I believe that a focused , six to eight month process managed by the Planning Department could foster community consensus for a SWL 351 project and design, as well as future development along the northern waterfront.  The community and Port have legitimate goals and concerns, and I hope that by bringing all stakeholders to the same table, we can build consensus for the future of our waterfront.”

We commend Supervisor Chiu for taking this first step in needed long term planning.  This effort should also coincide with working on rezoning this entire northern waterfront including the open recreational space blocks of the Club site to the present 40 foot height limit that exists on adjacent sea wall lots, and maintain the Public Trust on Sea Wall Lot 351.  Most importantly, this effort should lead to preserving the open recreational space that is vital to our neighborhood and community.

We urge every FOGG supporter to attend this Port Commission meeting.  We encourage you to stand up and testify before the Commission.  It is important that we send a message of unity to preserve our open recreational space.

We look forward to seeing you on the 24th as we move on to a very positive and optimistic future.


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