FOGG Committee Meeting #52 Minutes

The 52nd Committee Meeting was held on Wednesday, March 18, 2009.

Attendees were:  Bill Benkavitch, Allan Brotsky, Muriel Brotsky, Tim Geraci, Lorraine Honig, Bob Iwersen, Barbara Kerwick, Janet Lautenberger, Joan McCormick, Nan McGuire, Fermin Nasol, Eric Nath, Lee Radner, Rogene Radner, Lloyd Root, Diane Root, Monica St. Gene.

1. 110 Embarcadero Project. Lee Radner updated the Committee on the 110 Embarcadero high-rise project.  The SF Board of Supervisors voted 8 – 3 on Tuesday to not accept the Negative Declaration (Neg Dec) recommendation and to require a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  This is seen as a good thing from a FOGG perspective as the ‘spot zoning’ to increase the height limit from the present 84 feet to 130 feet would have been a bad precedent for the rest of the waterfront.

2. Petition Drive. Lee Radner advised the Committee that almost 500 signatures have been gathered during the current Petition Drive.  There is no end date to the drive and there is a need to get more people signed up.  The goal is 2,000 signatures.  The Petitions will be presented to the Board of Supervisors and the SF Planning Department showing the broad support to retain the existing open recreational space at the Club.  Blank Petition forms were handed out at the meeting.  Completed forms are being turned in to either Lee Radner or Martie Young.  The email addresses on the forms are being entered into the FOGG email server.  List of names on the email server is close to 2,000 and will be above that number soon.  The Committee thanked Eric Nath for developing the Petition.

3. Fund Raising. The Committee discussed the need to raise additional funds.  Well over ‘six figures’ has been raised to date with over 95% of the money being used for legal expenses.  A Fundraising Sub-Committee has been formed.  Fermin Nasol, Janet Lautenberger, Lee Radner and Bill Benkavitch agreed to be on the Sub-Committee.  Janet and Fermin will draft a letter to be sent to the Club USTA League Tennis Team Captains explaining the threat to tennis from the proposed development and to encourage donations to support FOGG.  The Sub-Committee will meet in early April.  Lee Radner will set the date and location.  Additional volunteers will be asked to help.

4. FOGG Mission Statement.  Bob Iwersen led a discussion on FOGG’s need to prepare a comprehensive document stating FOGG’s position about development and open recreational space.  The purpose of the document would be to address the statements being made by the current developer and allow FOGG spokespersons to have all the key points addressed.  Among the topics to be covered would be:  Open Recreational Space, Parking, Housing, Indoor Recreational Space.  Lee Radner stated that much of this information is available from the last time FOGG did this and offered to provide the information to Bob.  A Sub-Committee will be formed to work on this document.  Bob, Janet Lautenberger and Tim Geraci agreed to be on this Sub-Committee.  Further, Bob stated that Kyle Miller has agreed to work on Bob’s alternative design drawings, which would become part of this document.  Bob asked that Committee members forward to him any additional topics that should be addressed.

4 a. Zoning Sub-Committee.  Allan Brotsky will be chairing this Sub-Committee.  Barbara Kerwick has volunteered to be on it.  Lee Radner agreed to ask Paul Renne to join.

5. Meeting with John Rhaim.  Lee Radner advised the Committee about the April 1st meeting with John Rhaim – SF Planning Department Director.  Attorney Sue Hestor is preparing the agenda.  This meeting is part of the northern waterfront design review requested by Supervisor David Chiu as part of the SF Port approval of the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement with San Francisco Waterfront Partners for developing Seawall Lot 351 and the adjoining GGTSC.

6. CalSTRS Meeting.  Lorraine Honig told the Committee she is working with a CTA representative.  The CalSTRS Board meets on April 2ndLee Radner told the Committee there is a meeting possible with them and that he and Sue Hestor would attend.

7. Other Items.  (a) Supervisor David Chiu has been voted onto the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC).  This is viewed as a good thing from the FOGG perspective.  (b) Lee Radner told the Committee that he was interviewed for a San Francisco Business Weekly article on the 8 Washington Street proposed development.  The article should be published this week.  (c) Carla Laser has nearly finished her video about the Club.  It should be finished in 2 to 3 weeks.

8. Next Meeting.  Lee Radner will advise the Committee of the next meeting date and time.

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