FOGG Alert – May 11, 2009

There have been a time change to the scheduled Thursday, May 14 meeting notice we sent you on our May 6 FOGG Alert, concerning the review of the RECREATION & OPEN SPACE ELEMENT (ROSE).

  The meeting will still be held on May 14, but beginning at 1:30pm, Room 400, City Hall, not at 11:00am as we previously stated.  The Planning Commission has a presentation/update of the Recreation and Open Space element on their Regular Calendar, Item 11.  Here is the agenda description:

Informational Presentation: “The draft presentation for public review of the Recreational and Open Space Element of the City’s General Plan. The Planning Department, the Mayor’s Office of Greening and the Greening and the Parks and Recreation Dept. have been working with the Mayor’s Open Space Task Force and the community at large to develop a comprehensive framework for the future of open space in San Francisco. A major component of the framework is an update to the Recreation and Open Space Element (last updated in 1986), which provides the goals, objectives, and policies that will; guide open space development, acquisition, preservation and priorities for the City over the next 25 years. This presentation will introduce the major themes of the update to aid in Commissioner and public review; subsequent hearings will be scheduled for further discussion and revisions to the draft through the summer and fall. NO action is required at this time.”

This is where FOGG, Save Our San Francisco Tennis Club, Youth Tennis Advantage, and other interested supporters of open recreational space make their cooperative presentation to support and expand (ROSE).  You may review our commentary on our web site link by clicking on the Page link on this web site.  Your testimony would be helpful.  And, we and hope many of our FOGG supporters will attend the hearing.

In other news, we hope you have noticed the improvements to our tennis courts as they are being resurfaced, and this week the pool locker rooms are getting a remodeling.  This is good news as it indicates the Club management is looking towards the long haul, and expecting to be around for awhile.  FOGG is doing all it can to see that is the final outcome – 40 more years at the GGTSC.

Also, we have reached half of our Petition Drive goal by acquiring over 1,000 signatures with the help of our many volunteers, and hope to hit the 2,000 plus signature mark by the end of May.  With a little more effort by everyone we will do it.

The improvements being done by the Club should give us the added impetus to also reach our fundraising goal of $25,000 or more by the end of this year.  Every dollar is needed to move forward with our attorney, Sue Hestor, in the months ahead.  We look forward to your tax deductible donation by either clicking on the Page link on this web site or mailing your check made to AGAPE/FOGG, to Jim Eggert, CPA and Treasurer, 550 Davis St. #46, San Francisco, CA 94111.

Our sincerest thanks to those who have already made their financial commitment in this present fund drive.

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