FOGG Open Letter – June 21, 2009

Please mark Tuesday, June 30 on your calendars.  That is when the SF Planning Department will be holding a “redo” Planning Workshop on the Northeast Embarcadero Study.  Click here (Study) for more Information. Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – June 21, 2009”

FOGG Open Letter – June 6, 2009

To those members of the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club who received a direct well oiled, PR puff piece from San Francisco Waterfront Partners, LLC., and have expressed their serious concern how they obtained your name and address for this direct mailing, here are the “FACTS” as we presently know them:

According to Club management they did not give San Francisco Waterfront Partners, LLC. our names and addresses.  However, as stated by Club management, the Club’s lease requires them to mail out materials given to them by their landlord, the owners of The Gateway complex.  SFWP gave the mailing material to the landlord who in turn told the Club to mail it to the Club’s members.  Any way that it happened is of concern to us.  We know it disturbs many of you, as it seems to be an infringement on our right to privacy.  We are continuing to investigate the propriety of this and will keep you advised. Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – June 6, 2009”