FOGG Open Letter – July 4, 2009

Please accept FOGG’s sincerest thanks to the many FOGG supporters who attended the Tuesday, June 30 Northeast Waterfront Community Workshop at KGO-TV.  There was an overflow crowd, and we would estimate over 95% of those attending support our cause in saving the neighborhood open recreational space:  the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club.  We were particularly impressed with the large number of FOGG supporters who testified on our behalf.

FOGG feels that the SF Planning Department staff and those in the audience who were silent but representing the developers and the SF Port got the message.

We are concerned that there doesn’t seem to be a long range plan to continue the Community Workshops after the autumn 2009 deadline regarding the future development of the Northeast Waterfront Seawall Lots.  But we know whether or not there are further meetings, FOGG is communicating to the parties concerned and the public that enough is enough with piecemeal development proposals.

As we’ve stated repeatedly, planning and development of the Golden Gateway Center was predicated on keeping the Club area open for recreational activities.  Deep pocket developers concerned only with their own profit motives, and not concerned with the quality of life in our community are not welcome.  We speak with a strong and positive voice, and will continue to work for the needs of the entire community.

We have just reviewed the developer’s draft 8 Washington Street/SWL 351 Transportation Study recently submitted to the SF Planning Department.  We will post this Study of over 80 pages on our web site as soon as electronically available.

Among the items of interest, as stated on page 57, destruction of the present buildings on site would take 2 months.  Project construction, site and foundation work would take another 25 months.  Work on the interior would take another 10 months.  Total is 37 months.

So, what does this mean?  OVER 3 YEARS OF CONSTRUCTION.  After all this, the existing Club would be reduced by over 50%, 9 tennis courts would become 4; the 2 new pools would be on top of a roof.  No matter what the developer says, many outdoor recreational activities now at the Club will be gone.  DON’T EVEN MENTION ALL THE OUTREACH PROGRAMS THAT WOULD BE ELIMINATED!!  Remember the old saying “You can’t get 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound bag.”

Instead, picture the 170 luxury condominiums and a 400 – 500 space underground parking garage, and a ’boutique club’ for those who can afford it.

Please remember that dollars are still needed to keep up the legal fight.  That’s why FOGG, a non-profit organization continues to seek much needed  tax deductible funds to cover the costs of this extremely important battle.

You can do your part now by helping FOGG prevent this destruction of open recreational space.  Please send your tax deductible donation by check to AGAPE/FOGG, mailed to Jim Eggert, Treasurer and CPA, 550 Davis Street #46, San Francisco, CA 94111.  You can also donate online at this web site by clicking on the Donations to FOGG link.

We are at a critical moment in this long fight to save our Club.  Do what you can now. And thanks to all who have already contributed to the cause.

Have a Very Happy July 4th Holiday!

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