FOGG Open Letter – July 26, 2009

Considering the present financial environment FOGG is pleased with the number of people who sent tax deductible donations to support our legal efforts these past several months.  There were a number of “first timers”, and a good number of “repeat” donors who understand the need for financial support to assure FOGG’s success in saving our open recreational space – the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club.  It is vital for hundreds of families, youths and seniors throughout the City who wish to continue a healthy and positive lifestyle.

There are, however, a large number of FOGG supporters who enjoy the benefits that FOGG continues to fight for without having made a financial commitment to ensure our success.  There is no better time than the present for those of you who have not yet made a tax deductible donation to do so now.

After 3 ½ years of intense construction, imagine in the Club’s place there could be two 8 story condominium towers, a 400 plus space underground parking garage, and a boutique Club half the size of what exists now.  Your contribution will help FOGG in preventing this from occurring.

We don’t think any of us wants this proposed development to happen with the tremendous negative impact it will have on our community.  Now is the time to make your investment in securing our open recreational space, – not later.  It may be too late.

FOGG looks forward to your making a tax deductible donation at whatever level you feel comfortable with.  Every dollar counts.  Please make your check out to AGAPE/FOGG, with the notation on the memo line “tax deductible donation,” and mail to James Eggert, CPA & Treasurer, 550 Davis St. #46, San Francisco, and CA. 94111.  Or visit our web site and make you donation on line.

Your immediate and positive response will be greatly appreciated.

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