FOGG Alert – September 1, 2009

The Northeast Waterfront Advisory Group (NEWAG) will be meeting on Wednesday, September 9 at the Bayside Conference Room, Pier 1 on the Embarcadero beginning at 5:00 pm.

At this meeting NEWAG will discuss the Planning Department’s Northeast Embarcadero Study.  You will recall that at the last “Community Workshop” Port staff delivered a presentation on their development plans for the Northeast corridor, without once mentioning the proposed Development of SEAWALL LOT 351/8 WASHINGTON!!  This was an amazing omission when its potential negative impact on our neighborhood, and loss of open recreational space was never addressed.  We expect Port staff to be in attendance at the NEWAG meeting.  We should find out where the Port is in the negotiation process with San Francisco Waterfront Partners.

Remember, the Port has established an October 27, 2009 date concerning the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) with San Francisco Waterfront Partners for the SWL 351/8 Washington development.  As stakeholders in this neighborhood our 2,300 FOGG supporters deserve some honest answers.  We certainly haven’t been a part of real dialog.  Maybe we will receive some concrete answers on September 9.  It is up to our FOGG members to show up and ask the right questions.

We ask our supporters to attend the NEWAG meeting on September 9, and look forward to seeing you there.

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