FOGG Open Letter – October 1, 2009

We want to thank the many FOGG members who attended Wednesday’s Planning Department Workshop at the Ferry Building.  It is gratifying to see you all stand up for our belief in saving the open recreational space in our neighborhood.  It is also gratifying to see how many of you have done independent research on the history of the area and voiced concern at the flawed statements presented at the Workshop.

We now know where the Port Staff and Planning Department stands:  In the pockets of the proposed developer for the Seawall Lot 351/8 Washington Street project.  Some of the discussions we heard at the Workshop assumed that the current Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club no longer exists.

The Planning Department is proposing a 65 foot height on SWL 351, an 84 foot step up height limit on the Club site (Drumm Street between Washington and Jackson) and extending the Jackson Street walkway from Drumm Street to the Embarcadero.

If they were to succeed it would mean the end of the open recreational space that is the Golden Gateway Swim & Tennis Club.  It would mean that hundreds of families, youth and seniors would no longer have a place to share as a community of neighbors and friends.  Kids will no longer enjoy their Summer Camp experience with healthy recreation and social interaction, and seniors who require the physical and social activities that improve their lifestyle and health will be left with little, if anything.

If there is open recreational space available should the Planning Staff report be adopted, who would the members be in a facility less than half its current size?  IT WOULD BE FOR THE WEALTHY OWNERS OF THE LUXURY CONDOMINIUMS.  The folks who use the Club now would be cast aside.  This is completely different from what was envisioned when the Golden Gateway Center was developed over four decades ago.

We hope you agree with our position.  If so, we urge you to send your emails stating your serious concerns about the San Francisco Planning Department staff proposals, and your support for FOGG’s position in maintaining our neighborhood’s open recreational space.

You can read the entire Planning Department report at this link and make your own conclusions:  Recommendations.

Your emails should be sent to the following people:

John Rahaim, Planning

David Alumbaugh, Senior

Please also send a copy to the following people:

David Chiu, Supervisor, District

Jamie Cantwell, Administrative Assistant to Supervisor David Chiu,

Lastly, please send a copy to FOGG

This battle to save our open recreational space and our neighborhood is a long way from over.  With your help we will be victorious.  Thanks from your continuing support.

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