FOGG Open Letter – November 2, 2009

“That Site [8 Washington] should be developed.”  This is a direct quote from John Rahaim, San Francisco Planning Director, as he gave the Planning Department’s informational presentation on the Northeast Embarcadero Planning Study to the SF Port Commission on Tuesday, October 27, 2009.

Mr. Rahaim and his Planning Staff have as far as FOGG is concerned “drawn a line in the sand”, to eventually do away with the present open recreational facility as it now stands with total development at heights from 85’, 65’, 45’, and 35’!  During the presentation, he never mentioned the proposed 425 space underground parking garage that San Francisco Waterfront Partners wants so badly for its own profitable use.

The present recreational facility would in effect no longer exist if they have their way. Working hand in hand with the Port and SFWP, they are planning to move their proposal on a fast track.  The Planning Department final recommendations could be presented to the Planning Commission by the end of this year.

Mr. Rahaim stated that he “recognizes and acknowledges” the concerns of the neighborhood and community, but never addresses the issue of replacing the present recreational site after destroying it – except in an off handed way saying they should look into public recreational facilities at Sue Bierman Park.  Frankly this comment is a throw away.

FOGG “recognizes and acknowledges” the actions being taken by the Planning Department and the Port, but will not wilt or back down under the pressure that is now coming from the developer’s side.  We know that there is still a way to go, and we have the majority of the community on our side in doing what is right for our neighborhood and the many supporters throughout the Bay Area.

FOGG is reaching out to the community at large to expand our efforts, as we look forward to everyone’s continued support.

We will provide you with continuous updates as we develop new strategies, and remain optimistic that we will prevail.

Also thanks to Supervisor David Chiu for attending our FOGG meeting on October 30th with over 25 supporters in attendance, to update us and have a lively discussion on present events.  We must continue to keep our lines of communication open with all concerned, and Supervisor Chiu certainly will have a significant role in determining the final outcome for any proposed development.  We are planning another meeting with Supervisor Chiu soon.

If you would like to watch the video of the October 27th Port Commission Informational Presentation on the Northeast Embarcadero Planning Study you can do so by clicking on this link:  Presentation.  You will need to click on 10/27/09 Port Commission – Video – and then Item 8, Planning and Development.

You can also read about the Planning Department’s Northeast Embarcadero Study by clicking on this link:  Study.

FOGG wants to hear from all of you.  We respect and appreciate all of your comments.  If you wish to become actively involved please do not hesitate to contact us.  There is plenty to do with lots of committee work and outreach programs.

Looking forward to your comments and continued support.

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