FOGG Alert – November 7, 2009

The Planning Department staff has raised the stakes in the effort to push forth approval of their proposed height levels for the Seawall Lot #351/8Washington Street project.

The Planning Department is making an informational presentation on the Northeast Embarcadero Study to the Planning Commission on THURSDAY – NOVEMBER 12 – CITY HALL – ROOM 400.  This Item on the Agenda most likely will be heard after 6:00PM.

While no action will be taken by the Planning Commission, they will hear the Planning staff’s recommendations on the proposed development known as Seawall Lot#351/8Washington Street.  We know a big part of this site as the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club.  The Agenda for the Planning Commission Meeting can be read by clicking on this link:  Agenda.

FOGG feels this rush to make a presentation to the Planning Commission completely undermines the process started back in May for public discussion through Community Workshops, initiated by Supervisor David Chi, that is to last through the end of this year.

We know 6:00pm is an inconvenient time – and 7:00pm may be closer to the time when this item is heard.  This is exactly what happened in 2003 when ‘Developer #3’ proposed to build on the Club site.  Draw the hearing out as long as possible so fewer people remain to testify.  Different players, same game.

We urge as many of you as possible to attend, and testify before the Commissioners to express your opinion to save our open recreational facilities.  Please fill out a ‘speaker card’ should you want to testify.

The Planning staff is also establishing a (probably final) Community Workshop on Wednesday, December 16.  Timing is everything, and they have chosen a time right in the middle of the Holiday Season and after their presentation to the Planning Commission.

Brilliant strategy for them, how callous can they be!  FOGG has seen this before and we know that they are extremely biased and want the Club site to be developed.

FOGG will not be intimidated by their actions, and we are in this for the long haul.  Stay tuned for further developments.

Hope to see a good turnout on Thursday, November 12.

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