FOGG Open Letter – January 22, 2010

FOGG thought we would be reporting to you on the final Planning Department (and they said “final”) NE Embarcadero Community Workshop that was tentatively scheduled for the end of this month.  It was scheduled as a “final” report on their NE Embarcadero Study and their proposals for development.

However, we now learn that they have again tentatively rescheduled the Workshop for the end of February. Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – January 22, 2010”

FOGG Open Letter – January 1, 2010

FOGG wishes each and everyone a VERY SUCCESSFUL & HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

FOGG looks forward to 2010 and the preservation of the open recreational space we consider being essential for the quality of life of hundreds of our neighbors and friends throughout the Bay Area.

FOGG has stood steadfast for almost 7 years on an every day basis (approaching 2,500 days and counting) to let the hundreds of families, the young and seniors, who use the Golden Gateway & Tennis Swim Club – a one of a kind recreational facility – as their home away from home.  It will never be replaced if lost to developers, and we intend not to let that happen with your ongoing support. Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – January 1, 2010”