FOGG Open Letter – January 1, 2010

FOGG wishes each and everyone a VERY SUCCESSFUL & HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

FOGG looks forward to 2010 and the preservation of the open recreational space we consider being essential for the quality of life of hundreds of our neighbors and friends throughout the Bay Area.

FOGG has stood steadfast for almost 7 years on an every day basis (approaching 2,500 days and counting) to let the hundreds of families, the young and seniors, who use the Golden Gateway & Tennis Swim Club – a one of a kind recreational facility – as their home away from home.  It will never be replaced if lost to developers, and we intend not to let that happen with your ongoing support.

FOGG is moving forward in 2010.

We are still gathering signatures on our Petitions and would like to complete our goal of 2,000 signatures by the end of this month.  We are almost there.  If you would like a Petition, please respond to and we will email one to you.  You can also gather more signatures, if you’d like to help.

Letters and emails to the SF Planning Department, SF Port, and the Board of Supervisors supporting our efforts will be needed soon.  We will advise you as that time approaches.  We know we can count on your help.

We want to let you know that the next meeting of the Northeast Waterfront Advisory Group (NEWAG) will be on January 6, from 5:00-7:00PM.  Meeting location is Pier 1, Bayside Conference Room; Embarcadero at Washington Street.  Agenda Item 4 is NEWAG Comment on the Northeast Embarcadero Planning Study Principles and Preliminary Recommendations.  If the SF Planning Department’s position that calls for 85 foot high building construction on the Club Site – the 8 Washington Street proposal – goes forward, it would totally destroy our present open recreational space.  We ask our supporters to attend this meeting and comment on the Study.

We continue to work with other civic and community groups who believe in the need for preserving open recreational space throughout the City.  We are preparing new tools to strengthen our position that will soon be available.

Many of you have shown us great financial support this past year.  Please know that FOGG is deeply appreciative of those who have made the financial commitment so critical to our success.  Our land use attorney, Sue Hestor, has done a remarkable job of keeping us on top of the legal issues, and we expect that 2010 will be a very busy year for us.

Donations are always needed to continue these efforts.  You can make your donation by check made out to AGAPE/FOGG, with the notation on the memo line: “tax deductible donation.”  Please mail your check to James Eggert, CPA, 550 Davis St. #46, San Francisco, CA 94111.  You may also donate on line at this web site.  We are confident that your commitment to our mission will help our success, and we thank you for your continuing support.

As 2010 begins, we want to acknowledge our sponsor – the AGAPE Foundation.  Without them we are sure we wouldn’t have been as successful as we have been to continue on.

Thanks to all – It is only going to get better in 2010.

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