FOGG Open Letter – March 2, 2010

The number of FOGG supporters at the Wednesday, February 24 Planning Department Workshop was impressive.  The turnout and the manner in which our people presented their support to save our open recreational space made an impact on the others in attendance.  They had to leave knowing FOGG and our supporters are still out there just as strong and vocal as ever.

The presentation by the Planning Department was as usual, one sided and biased towards the development at 8 Washington, but we think the Planning Staff certainly got a strong message that we need to preserve the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club, and that the push to save our active open recreational space isn’t going to disappear from the scene.

This was announced to be the final Workshop, but the Planning Department has called for another one in April after, they claim, they can review the comments the community offers to their most recent draft of the Northeast Embarcadero Study Guidelines.

This is where all of you can play an important role in helping to preserve our open recreational space.

Please read the ‘Preliminary Urban Design Guidelines for the Study’ which can be seen at this link.  Urban Design Guidelines.

We really need you to send emails (or faxes) to the Planning Department after you have had an opportunity to review their most recent Northeast Embarcadero Study Guidelines.

We urge each and every one of you to take this time to express your opinions.  We can’t allow the opposition to “stuff the ballot box.”  Please respond no later than Wednesday, March 24, 2010.

This is urgent!  Here are the addresses:

Planning Department

Kate McGee, City Planner – (fax 415-558-6409)


David Chiu, President & Supervisor (District 3) – (fax 415-554-7454)


Following are pertinent talking points covering the issue of the proposed 8 Washington Street development.

In summary, these Design Guidelines call for the destruction of the existing Club as we know it.

DESIGN PRINCIPLE 7, Guideline 7.1.1 calls for development 85 feet in height at Drumm & Washington Streets, and 67 to 70 feet to Jackson Street.  This area is the existing clubhouse and tennis courts 1 through 5!

DESIGN PRINCIPLE 3, Guideline 3.1.1 calls for extending Jackson Street as a walkway to the Embarcadero.  This walkway would go through the existing swimming pool!  This Guideline also calls for extending Pacific Avenue to the Embarcadero which would go through the existing tennis court 9!

Further, Design Principle 7, Guideline 7.1.1 calls for development 25 feet in height from the Jackson Street extension to the Pacific Avenue extension.  This is the existing pool area and courts 7 and 8!

DESIGN PRINCIPLE 5 states if development occurs on the existing Club site, those portions that now serve the immediate residents should be provided as part of any new development.  The Guideline does not specify replacing it on a one for one basis, and since the proposed buildings and walkways will completely take over the site, where could anything be built?

DESIGN PRINCIPLE 5 also states that a replacement facility that presently serves the “broader public…is not relevant to the current discussion.”

You may read the latter statement in its entirety in the Guidelines, and we urge you to do so.  It is a statement that must be challenged.

We need to keep up the pressure, and your emails & faxes will benefit our efforts.  We look forward to seeing your responses.

Thanks for all the support FOGG is receiving thoughout the Bay Area.

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