FOGG Alert – October 25, 2010

On Wednesday, October 19, 2010 our Coalition lawyer, Susan Brandt-Hawley and FOGG’s attorney, Sue Hestor, met with two Deputy City Attorney’s to discuss the recent filing of the Coalition’s lawsuit.  Our suit seeks to set aside the recent actions by Planning and Port Commissions to proceed with the Planning staffs Northeast Embarcadero Study, and the Port Commission’s approval of the proposed term sheet for the 8 Washington project.

The City Attorney’s office will consider whether to recommend that the Planning Commission and the Port set aside their actions as requested by the Coalition.  In the meantime our attorneys and the City attorneys are cooperating in constructing the administrative record for the lawsuit, which will be used as the basis for legal briefs to be filed in the case in coming months. There is still much more work to be accomplished. Continue reading “FOGG Alert – October 25, 2010”

FOGG Open Letter – October 16, 2010

We can’t put it more succinctly – This is $CRUNCH TIME!!

FOGG has been successful for over 7 years in saving our recreational space (GGT&SC) from developers who have no interest in what the majority of our neighbors and friends throughout the City have stated time after time through their letters, public statements and tax free donations:


We are in “over drive” in our efforts that include legal action and public outreach.  We have the momentum, and have won a good number of the battles, but could lose the “war” if our FINANCIAL SUPPORT needed to continue these efforts is not stepped up and increased by our supporters.  This is a critical time in the history of FOGG, and we need your help now by making a tax deductible donation that will provide us the financial wherewithal to continue our efforts. Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – October 16, 2010”