FOGG Open Letter – December 14, 2010

FOGG wishes to remind you if you are planning a 2010 tax deductible donation to support our efforts please follow these guidelines:

Donations by check should be done by Monday, December 27, 2010.

Donations online (credit card) should be done by Friday, December 31, 2010.

Please send your donation by check to PDF/FOGG, mailed to Jim Eggert, Treasurer and CPA, 550 Davis Street #46, San Francisco, CA 94111.  In writing your check, please enter on the memo line “tax deductible donation.”

Please donate online by clicking on the ‘Donation to FOGG’ page on this website. Continue reading “FOGG Open Letter – December 14, 2010”

Season’s Greetings – December 1, 2010

FOGG hopes all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with family and friends, and now look forward to celebrating December festivities and Holiday events.

FOGG has much to be thankful for as we close out 2010 – Thanks to the support from so many of you as volunteers and donors in our mission to save our Community’s open recreational space. Continue reading “Season’s Greetings – December 1, 2010”