FOGG Open Letter – February 11, 2011

It has been some time since you have received an OPEN LETTER,  but there has been a great deal of activity behind the scenes, particularly in reviewing the City’s contract for the America’s Cup, and completing the Asian Neighborhood Design (AND) Plan for the Northeast Waterfront – a Vision for the Community!

We are pleased to tell you that the Waterfront Plan has been completed and available for your review at this link.  AND Northeast Waterfront Plan

We urge you to take the time to read and study this document.

The effort by many Supporters and our Coalition partners (Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association, Golden Gateway Tenants Association and Telegraph Hill Dwellers), and in particular, the AND staff, our attorney Sue Hestor, and Consultant Brad Paul, took many hours and a thorough review before completing the document.

This Vision for the Community is a well-constructed, comprehensive Plan.  It is not to be read and then put on the shelf and forgotten.  It has many elements that will improve our waterfront neighborhoods:  transportation, public activities along the Embarcadero, open space, and proper development of the Port’s Public Trust property.

We do not feel that the City Planning Department, the Port or the Board of Supervisors will take this Plan lightly.  It puts forth a positive number of proposals that will create a more energetic and accessible waterfront for neighbors, visitors and all who live in the City to reconnect to the waterfront!

We cannot emphasize strongly enough how important this Plan and its implementation is to the future of not only the Northeast Waterfront, but how our City looks to the future and provides a high quality of services for all its citizens. It requires an open mind by City agencies and their decision-making without bending to the pressures of some developers who are only concerned with their own narrow self interests and profits.  And it will require total citizen participation.

We expect to make periodic updates to this Vision for the Community as we progress over the next several months, so please provide us with your comments, which we welcome.

All this effort does not come without cost. The hours spent by our professional team to accomplish what all of us want comes at a price.

FOGG needs you to make your tax deductible donations to help us defray the costs of all this work.

Please send your tax deductible donation by check to PDF/FOGG, mailed to Jim Eggert, Treasurer and CPA, 550 Davis Street #46, San Francisco, CA 94111.  In writing your check, please enter on the memo line “tax deductible donation.”

Or you can donate online by clicking on the Donations to FOGG link on this website.

FOGG needs your support to continue with our efforts to keep our neighborhood open recreational center and to implement the overall Northeast Waterfront Plan for the benefit of all.  As always we are sure FOGG Supporters will come through.

Thank you for the continued interest and support so critical to our future and quality of life along the waterfront.

In our next OPEN LETTER we will update you on how FOGG is working to provide positive input in the process and development for the America’s Cup races, and its impact in our neighborhood.

A print copy of the Waterfront Plan is available at our cost of printing and mailing.  You can ask for a copy by responding to

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