FOGG Open Letter – March 19, 2011

FOGG wishes to thank our Coalition partners, Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD) for a very informative and entertaining Community Meeting on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 on the upcoming America’s Cup Race, and its potential impact on our neighborhoods.  We also appreciate the number of FOGG Supporters who attended the meeting.

Following is a brief review of this Community Meeting.

Michael Corbett, Architectural Historian and author gave a very well documented visual overview of the SF Port’s history.  His presentation gave an interesting perspective of the Waterfront and was an excellent start to the evening.

David Chiu, District 3 Supervisor and Board President, gave an in-depth update on recent negotiations with America’s Cup sponsors, and expressed some concerns about the financial agreements that are still being worked out.  Supervisor Chiu assured us that the challenges will eventually be resolved.  Supervisor Chiu feels the America’s Cup Race will be a real plus for our City.

While the America’s Cup Race can be a plus it will also have a direct impact on FOGG’s mission to preserve the neighborhood’s community recreational center (GGT&SC).

In that respect Supervisor Chiu made two statements to those in attendance that we feel are positive to our efforts.

He said:” I oppose any high rises being built along the Northeast Embarcadero Corridor, and I oppose the 8 Washington project!”

FOGG, and we are sure our Coalition partners, applaud those statements.

Jennifer Clary, a member of the America’s Cup Environmental Council and President of San Francisco Tomorrow, gave a very knowledgeable report concerning transportation, traffic, viewing areas and housing.  These are all issues yet to be resolved.  Jennifer has an amazing amount of information and knowledge of our waterfront, and would be a real asset as a member of the Port Commission.  (Personal opinion shared by many).

Members of the SF Port Staff and SF Planning Department attended this Community Meeting.  Representatives offered their perspective of where the America’s Cup Race plans are when it comes to the all-important California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  Both processes are on a fast track do to time constraints. We will advise our FOGG supporters when documents are available for review.

Finally, our former District 3 Supervisor and Board President, Aaron Peskin, made a very important point that planning for the America’s Cup Race should not be shortsighted as only a 2-3 year event.  He said it should be considered that it could become an event for many years to come, and organized and planned in that manner.

FOGG, its volunteers, attorney and consultant, continue to put in many, many hours of effort as part of the ever evolving Waterfront that will keep our community recreational center a major focus of the area for so many members and guests.

We really need your tax deductible donations so our efforts can continue full speed ahead.  Please send your tax deductible donation by check to PDF/FOGG, mailed to Jim Eggert, Treasurer and CPA, 550 Davis Street #46, San Francisco, CA 94111.  In writing your check, please enter on the memo line “tax deductible donation.”

Or you can donate online by clicking on the Donations to FOGG link on this website.

In our next OPEN LETTER, we will update you on the upcoming Kid’s Camp and FOGG’s efforts to once again, provide Scholarships to send well deserving youngsters to this one-of-a-kind Camp.

Thanks to all for your continued support.

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