FOGG Open Letter – March 29, 2011

Last week the San Francisco Examiner had a front page headline: “Where are the children?” The story is about families leaving the City for more reasonable housing and better schools – “San Francisco becoming a child-free zone.” According to the SF Examiner article the City has 74,000 fewer children growing up in San Francisco than in 1960, a 40% decline in the youth population.  The article can be read at this link:   Article

FOGG agrees that the greatest contributing factors are the lack of moderate priced housing and need for a vastly improved school system.

There is a third factor when it comes to a better quality of life – recreational facilities.

FOGG has no control over the housing and education issues, but we can provide an outlet for recreation that is desperately needed for our youth in the City.

(The developer who wants to build the luxury condominiums on the existing community recreational center certainly could do his part in alleviating the lack of moderate housing by rethinking these luxury condominium plans and pursuing affordable housing development in other areas of the City that are presently available.)

That is why FOGG for the 2nd year is sponsoring the Scholarship Program to benefit our youth from low income housing areas, so that they can enjoy a one of a kind experience this coming summer – Kids Camp.

Last year, thanks to the support of our FOGG Friends and the management of the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club we were able to send a number of the young people from our neighborhood Chinatown Housing area to Kids Camp.

And with your tax deductible donations we hope to expand both the numbers and provide other neighborhoods the opportunity to attend this summer’s Kids Camp.

This year will be the 15th year of Kids Camp.  Over 700 youngsters attend each year. That means over 9,500 young people during the past 14 summers have enjoyed summer fun at our Community Recreational Center (GGT&SC).

FOGG looks forward to our Friends & Supporters joining in to help keep our families, youth and seniors a vital part of the City we all care about.

We really need your tax deductible donations so our efforts can continue full speed ahead.  Please send your tax deductible donation by check to PDF/FOGG, mailed to Jim Eggert, Treasurer and CPA, 550 Davis Street #46, San Francisco, CA 94111.  In writing your check, please enter on the memo line “Scholarship Donation.”

Or you can donate online by clicking on the Donations to FOGG link on this website.

FOGG knows we can count on your continued and generous support.

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