FOGG Alert – September 15, 2011

On Wednesday, September 21, 2011, the lawsuit filed by FOGG and our twelve coalition partners, will be heard by Judge Harold E. Kahn at 10:00 am.  The hearing will be at the California Superior Court, 400 McAllister Street (at Polk), Courtroom 220, 2nd floor on the City Hall side, San Francisco, CA 94102.

You are welcome to attend and we encourage you to do so.

This lawsuit, you will recall was filed against the City and County of San Francisco, SF Planning Commission, SF Port, SF Port Commission, San Francisco Waterfront Partners II, LLC; Pacific Waterfront Properties, and the California State Teachers Retirement System.

We are arguing that the Planning Commission’s endorsement of the Northeast Embarcadero Study and the Port Commission’s approval of the project term sheet together prejudiced the EIR process by essentially per-approving the project.

You can read the Reply Brief in Support of Petition of Mandamus at the SF Waterfront Final Reply June 2011 link on this website.

This hearing is the first legal step in an effort not just to preserve the City’s only outdoor tennis and swimming recreational facility, but to move forward with the broader plan to greatly improve the Northeast Embarcadero neighborhood.

Led by AND (Asian Neighborhood Design), our Coalition;  Friends of Golden Gateway (FOGG), Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association (BCNA),  Golden Gateway Tenants Association (GGTA), & Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD) have developed our own neighborhood Plan: “A Community Vision for San Francisco’s Northeast Waterfront.”

This Plan, prepared and researched for almost a year by AND with neighborhood volunteers is a positive and comprehensive vision of our Waterfront neighborhood, and the Embarcadero.

This vision balances revenue generating uses with open space and active recreation across all seawall lots and is a plan that is both financially and politically achievable.  It is offered as an alternative to the NE Embarcadero Study prepared by the SF Planning Department which failed to achieve any consensus of acceptance by the neighborhood.

You can read the AND document at the Asian Neighborhood Design Community Vision link on this website.

Regardless of what the Judge’s initial decision is (and we are hopeful), FOGG will continue its many years of determined work to preserve our community’s open recreational space.

It takes more than the vigorous efforts of our FOGG volunteers, we also need the professional efforts of our attorney, Sue Hestor, and consultant, Brad Paul. Your tax deductible donations are vital.

You can make a real difference NOW by sending in your tax deductible donation to Friends of Golden Gateway, P.O. Box 2294, San Francisco, CA 94126.  Please make your checks out to PDF/FOGG, and on the memo line write “tax deductible donation”.

Or you can donate online by clicking on the Donations to FOGG link on this website.

With your financial support we could end our many years of effort to save our recreational space in a positive and final manner for the thousands who care about the health and well-being of our families, youth and seniors.

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