FOGG Alert – February 29, 2012


FOGG is confirming that the SF Planning Commission Hearing on the 8 Washington/SWL351 proposed development is still scheduled for Thursday, March 8, 2012.  The Hearing will begin at 10:00 am.  It is at City Hall – Supervisors Legislative Chambers, Room 250.

The Commissioners will be voting whether to approve the “Final” Environmental Report (FEIR).  They will also vote on a number of required zoning changes, including height limits and shadows.

We ask as many FOGG supporters as possible attend this very important meeting.  We also ask you to be prepared to offer testimony on behalf of preserving our open recreational space.

The developer continues to try every new angle possible.  He has just reduced the number of luxury condominiums from 145 units to 134 units.  He is now offering 134 residential parking spaces with 134 residential bike parking spaces, plus public parking spaces that could add 266 more, bringing the total number of parking spaces to 400.  Remember that in the Draft EIR issued in December 2011, there were 165 luxury condominiums and 420 underground public and private parking spaces.

On Tuesday, March 13, 2012, the SF Port Commission will vote on the project.  The Hearing will begin at 3:15 pm.  It is at the Ferry Building, Port Commission Hearing Room, Second Floor.

Again, we ask as many FOGG supporters as possible attend this very important meeting.

FOGG is preparing Talking Points will be available to help you prepare your testimony.  These Talking Points will be sent as a FOGG Alert by a separate email.

Our legal team and a number of volunteers are preparing for hearings, spending many hours reading over and researching vital documents.  It takes many hours, but we are convinced that we will respond with factual and significant material.

While important, these two hearings are not final decisions.  The process continues on to the Board of Supervisors, and we remain optimistic as to the final outcome.

We are sure you can see that this all takes a great deal of time and effort, particularly by our attorney, Sue Hestor.  Sue must continue to provide the wealth of knowledge and legal understanding that she has for these many years provided. We can only do that with your critical tax free donations.

Many have heeded our call for financial support, but we need as many of you as possible to make a contribution NOW!

Please send your tax deductible donation to Friends of Golden Gateway, P.O. Box 2294, San Francisco, CA 94126.  Please make your checks out to PDF/FOGG, and on the memo line write “tax deductible donation”.

Or you can donate online by clicking on the ‘Donations to FOGG’ link on this website.

Thanks in advance for whatever you are able to contribute.

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