FOGG Open Letter – March 24, 2012


FOGG wanted to take this opportunity to thank the 40, yes 40 supporters who presented testimony at the Thursday, March 22, 2012 joint SF Planning Commission/Recreation & Park Commission meeting.

Many more were in the overflow crowd of supporters.  This was very heartwarming.  Sincere thanks to everyone who presented their views in support of our cause.  We really appreciate it.

FOGG particularly wants to thank our attorney Sue Hestor, consultant Brad Paul, and Asian Neighborhood Design representative Fernando Mardi.  They each gave an excellent presentation on preserving the community open recreational center and support of the AND “Community Vision for San Francisco’s Northeast Waterfront.”

A special thanks to volunteer Bob Iwerson and his team for factual and important testimony.

FOGG was not surprised at the 4-2 vote in favor of the proposed luxury condominium project.  This is only the first step.  We expected it, so nothing has really changed.  The SF Planning Commission has been voting in favor of the 8 Washington luxury condominium project for 8 years, regardless of what the design is presented to them.

Our focus will now be on the Board of Supervisors.  We will keep you updated and move forward.

It was interesting that the majority of the testimony supporting the project was given by architects, planners for development, and construction workers.

This fight to preserve our community open recreational center is not over.  Far from it.  Please stay involved and help with whatever you can do.  We need all of you.

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