FOGG Alert – April 21, 2012


FOGG needs your emails and letters to our Board of Supervisors supporting FOGG’s efforts to save our open recreational space (GGT&SC).

Soon, the Board of Supervisors will be casting their vote up or down on the 8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351 project.  We cannot allow the demolition for profit of San Francisco’s only outdoor open recreational center (GGT&SC) with 2 outdoor swimming pools and 9 tennis courts to be forever lost to thousands of middle income families, youth and seniors.

If this developer wins, our outdoor recreational facility will be reduced to a 21,500 square feet ‘aquatic center’ which would be smaller than the existing pool area.  And, the existing 9 tennis courts will be gone.

Luxury condominiums for the super-rich will be on the Club site.

You can now do your part.  Please read our April 2012 Talking Points on this website.

Please send an email to your District Supervisor.  Just click on the link and find your Supervisor’s email address and phone number at the SF Board of Supervisors link on this website.

Write to your Supervisor from your point of view; such as how the loss of this facility would change your life.

Please send a copy of your email to District Three Supervisor and Board President, David Chiu –  Also please send a copy to FOGG at

For those of our supporters who do not live in San Francisco, you can still help!  Please send an email to all 11 San Francisco Supervisors why you support FOGG’s position.  Also please send a copy to FOGG at

Our FOGG volunteers are putting in a lot of long hours, as is our attorney Sue Hestor and consultant Brad Paul.  They all need your support.  Please write to the Supervisors.

FOGG now has a Facebook site, thanks to our volunteer Janet Lautenberger.  You can click on the link for updates.  Facebook-Save the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club.  We thank Janet and her team for their efforts.

We will keep you updated when we know more as to when the Supervisors will be holding a hearing on the 8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351 proposed development.

Some of you may want a Board of Supervisors notice on the 8 Washington/Seawall Lot 351 hearing by US Mail.  If you do, please let us know by email at  This is also very important as we will need everyone’s cooperation and attendance at this upcoming hearing.


Thanks for everyone’s support.

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